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Player Profile #19 Krak
06-15-2008, 08:01 PM,
Player Profile #19 Krak
What is your real name?
Michael Tonks

How did you decide upon your Blitz nickname?
I have an interest in the Crusades so I chose something in relation to that just for something different. Its short for Krak Des Chevaliers (Castle of the Knights). This Castle was a model of perfection of medieval fortification, this Castle was never besieged or taken by storm. I liked to think that it might be a metaphor for my defensive capabilities but Tobias Timm is proving otherwise :)

What ladders are you represented on?

What is your favourite PC War-game?
HPS PzC - HPS TWIE and Matrix’s Empires in Arms will be great when Matrix clear out all the bugs!

Who has been your hardest opponent?
Rev Rico (Bob Riconda) is very tough and TET2 (Tobias Timm) is giving me a nice thrashing in K43.

How long have you been a member of the Blitz?
Since 2006, but I have been playing PzC games since 2003.

What War interests you the most?
WWII and the Napoleonic period.

If you could choose to be present at one military historical event what would it be?
Definitely Trafalgar. It cemented England’s domination of the High Seas for over 100 years. To see Nelson in action, that would be something. Although I don't know if I could stand on the deck of a Ship of the Line and watch cannon balls fly past. Last year I was lucky enough to visit the HMS Victory in Portsmouth. That was just a dream come true for an ex Navy serviceman.

What is your favourite War movie?
Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove, its just hilarious.

What do you snack on while gaming?
Tea and cake supplied by my very understanding wife.

What is your favourite and least favourite aspect of the Blitz website?
I just love being able to match wits with people from all over the world. I learn something from everyone I play. It's fascinating how different players approach any given military situation.
Can't really think of anything negative.

Do you own any war memorabilia?
Well this might qualify. Years ago I visited the Gallipoli battle field where the Australians fought the Turks at Anzac cove in WWI. I spent all day there and found a huge chunk of shrapnel from a naval shell laying on a less well travelled hillside. It was all rusty and covered with mud. When I got it home I cleaned it up, it makes for a nice paperweight. I wonder what damage it did to some poor soldier(s).

What is the best military book you have read?
David Chandler's 'The Campaigns of Napoleon'. If your interested in the Napoleonic wars this is ‘the’ book to read.

What do you think was the single most important event of WWII?
Germany did not go on to a full war footing (as far as armaments production was concerned) until mid war. If Germany had geared up for Total War from the outset the extra war material (i.e. U-boats, AFV's, Aircraft, Manpower etc) that would have been made available in the early days may well have tipped scales for her to achieve victory in Russia and/or over Great Britain before the allies attained an overwhelming superiority in war materials themselves.

What is the most interesting military documentary you have ever watched?
I saw a doco on WWI some time back, it was superbly done but I can’t recall the name or producer. It really brought home the senseless slaughter of war.

Which is your favourite HPS PzC title?
Probably Stalingrad and the North African titles. But they are all good.

Are there any war games catching your eye at present?
Empires in Arms by Matrix and I really can't wait for the next instalment of TWIE.

What piece of wisdom would you like to pass on to your fellow Blitz members?
Play fair and have fun. Learn from your opponents and give credit where its due. Take the time to get to know your opponent as well. Always be courteous.
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06-15-2008, 08:09 PM,
RE: Player Profile #19 Krak
I think Michael makes a very good point about German industry not moving to a war footing until the war started turning against them.

Inside The Third Reich by Albert Speer gives a excellent account of this.
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06-16-2008, 05:52 AM,
RE: Player Profile #19 Krak
Total krieg was official declared in February 1943.,after disaster in Stalingrad.A month or two before that Speer has taken seat in armaments production.A three and a half year gap between start of the war and full scale involvement...
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