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A while now
09-04-2007, 02:00 AM,
A while now
I have two games started from this forum both as JAPS STOCK MAy 42-46 . I think i should let you know I am still around

Thing is a lot of games played here will not be reported until old age so do not delete us

I am considering starting another campaign probably CHS MOd
has anyone got any comments on playing that mod ?

What is the average numberr of turns per week

I have one game running at 7-12 and one at about 3. For certain interest wanes when you play less- I forget what I was douing and have to look at more things . More turns seems like a lot but you do get playing faster .

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09-04-2007, 04:55 AM,
RE: A while now
I would recommend you have the CHS 2.08c version and maybe better to play the Standard 155 campaign.

See my other posts in the OPS and HIST sections, after reading the Matrix forum the Nik Mod which is used in the 157 campaign seems to have created some flaws, a 6000ft sweet spot for bombing, Allied bombers durability increased by 50% and Airfield service repair is a bitch. Never noticed this until my opponents B17 and B24 joined his other twin engined bombers at the 6,000ft bombing height which has been constant since the campaign begun.

My other opponent used 7,000ft for every bombing raid but we have agreed 10,000 minimum for 4E aircraft.

Why oh why did'nt the USA bomb at this altitude in WW2, two raids on Lae and it's wiped off the map, lost approx 50 aircraft and at least another 50 damaged, plus around 1,000 personnel.

Would recommend a house rule.

Do you have any info on 4E bombers attack height in WW2.
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09-05-2007, 12:35 AM,
RE: A while now
Lowlander Wrote:Do you have any info on 4E bombers attack height in WW2.

I have been reading Samuel Morrison's History of the US Navy in WW2, and while it USAAF operations are only presented when relevant to a navy history (i.e. direct/indirect support of naval operations), it seems pretty rare that 4E bombers attacked at much below 9,000 feet, at least as of early 1944 (I am in the volume on the Gilberts/Marshalls operations), and much of it was done at altitudes of 15,000 feet or more.

One exception would be skip bombing attacks, but although B-17s were involved in the orginal development of the techniques, most of the skip bombing attacks seem to have been carried out by 2E medium bombers, not 4E. Another exception would be PB4Y (i.e. Navy B-24 Liberator) antisub operations. I have read accounts of them hitting the periscope of the sub they were attacking! Eek

Regarding the CHS mod, I have one game of CHS (as Allies) and one BigB mod game (basically stock with some A2A tweaks, as Japanese) and they seem to play quite differently. A little harder to compare since I am playing two different sides in the two games, but there seems to be a little more flavor in CHS (AKs/APs/TKs of all different sizes, plane types, etc.)
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09-05-2007, 12:55 AM,
RE: A while now
I was wonering how 2 day turns play

i have CHS looks like a lot more detail and better oob etc
i was just wondering if ther will be any sort of clitch that requires a patch to restart - i do not want to waste the investment of time if there is any big problem

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09-05-2007, 02:16 AM,
RE: A while now
Would recommend CHS 155 standard campaign scenario, and yes a expansion of ship graphics with some late war aircraft what if's, good game.

Have the Rising Sun boardgame by Clash of Arms, browsing the scenarios.

At Midway 15 B-17E with 17x500-pound bombs attacked the carriers at 6500metres that's around 20,000ft

A classic example The battle of the Bismark Sea.

At low altitude ( 0-100metres )
13 Beaufighters
12 A-20C
12 B-25C-1
6 B-25C

Medium altitude ( 1500-2200metres )
6 B-17E
6 B-17F
12 B-25C

High altitude ( 3000-4000metres )
9 B-17E

Escorts 40 P38E

I don't have any problems with 2E aircraft attacking ships at whatever height one wishes as they will take FLAK, again I'm interested in bombing altitudes of 4E bombers against land targets.
With the Niki mod 2.08b I was using in my game he ( Niki ) stated in the Matrix forums that a bombing sweet spot at 6000ft existed, and a flak gap from 6000 to 9000ft, hence 4E bombers coming in at 6000ft.
But what the hell maybe I'm just a whimp.

Oh just remembered have you seen the RHS mods, terrific satilite maps with a EOS ( what if ) and AI variants for a total of 8 different campaigns.
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09-05-2007, 03:54 AM,
RE: A while now
RHS mods where are they ??
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09-05-2007, 04:30 AM,
RE: A while now
Here it is

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09-05-2007, 04:46 AM,
RE: A while now

Looks interesting how does it compare with CHS

I am no pc expert will I be able to get it to work ?

I got CHS working but Imay have just been lucky
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09-05-2007, 04:49 AM,
RE: A while now
Lost a message somewhere.

Three versions are available, V5 which I think is for the basic map although not 100% certain, V6 is similar to Andrew Brown's extended map but the Panama canal can be damaged and fixed, V7 has more channels and locations within them at main maps edges, these include Madagasker, New Orleans, Cape Town and others set at the correct distance.
A handbook can be downloaded which will explain the thinking behind the Mod, hope this helps.
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09-05-2007, 04:56 AM,
RE: A while now
Ok messages crossing as I'm so slow at typing !!!.
I also had CHS installed, so I made two new copies from it named one RHS V6 and the other RHS V7, then carefully download and installed the various files, watch the ship files named shills and sides or transport, check your CHS folder first and note down the file names.
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