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Custom Files in TOAW III
08-20-2007, 10:20 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-03-2008, 09:13 PM by Currahee.)
Custom Files in TOAW III
In TOAW III designers may prepare custom .doc, .bmp and .eqp files to go with their scenarios.

The .doc file is usually an extended scenario briefing; it can be read with a word processor, but if it is placed in the same scenario folder where the scenario resides, can also be read from the scenario briefing screen; there's a button at the bottom that reads, "click here to view documentation." Some designers may use this in lieu of the traditional in-game scenario briefing, so look for it. For this feature to work, the first part of the .doc file name must be identical to the first part of the .sce name; ie, if the scenario is 123.sce, the .doc file must be named 123.doc.

The briefing screen .bmp file is a special graphic for the scenario selection screen, and the scenario briefing screen. Like the .doc file, it must be placed in the scenario folder where the scenario resides. And again, the first part of the .bmp filename must be identical to the first part of the .sce filename. It will work if it's placed in the graphics folder, within a folder with the exact scenario name; ie, TOAWIII/graphics/123/123.bmp. The game will work fine without it; it's cosmetic.

There may also be "custom" graphics for unit symbols; these are also .bmp files, and they must be placed in the scenario-name folder, within the graphics folder. These are generally cosmetic only, the game will work without them, you just won't get the new graphics; if the graphics, though, display game-critical information, you won't see it, without these .bmp files properly installed.

The .eqp file is very important; it is the modified equipment database to be used for that particular scenario (and no others!). It must be named exactly as is the scenario (spaces and all), and placed in a folder also with the exact same name as the scenario; and that folder must be placed in the TOAW III "Graphics" folder. Only then will the game find the proper equipment database file to run with the custom scenario. If it does not find the proper file, you will get a warning message. Example: Holland - A Bridge Too Far 1944 has a special equipment file called Holland - A Bridge Too Far 1944.eqp. It is placed in a folder called Holland - A Bridge Too Far 1944, and that folder is placed in the "Graphics" folder. If there's not a space on each side of the "-", in both the file name and the folder name, the game will not find it!

Both players must properly load the modified .eqp file for the scenario to work as intended. It's not just cosmetic; it may change artillery and aircraft ranges, and other important equipment characteristics.

Please post if you have any questions.
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