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HPS Naval Battles: Suggestion NA'86
09-01-2007, 09:50 PM,
RE: HPS Naval Battles: Suggestion NA'86
Yes be assured the PH attack is historic and if you so wish you can hang around and launch futher strikes.
My only complaint so far is players tend to send in 4-engined bombers at low heights, well guess they can't miss as they drop so many bombs ( example-was defending Lae with the Japanese when a airstrike of approx 20 Fighters, 40 two engine bombers and 40 B17/B24 came in at 6,000 feet ) the first I knew about it was when the norden bombsights came bouncing down the runway, guess they had run out of kitchen sinks !!!.
As the Japanese I did really well bombing at 15,000ft and never went below 10,000ft, only my dive-bombers and torpedo-bombers went in lower as is necessary. Have expanded to the historic limit by 1/5/42 with only two objectives resisting my assaults but they will fall soon.
Please note, it seems a flak gap exsists in the game at 6,000 to 9,0000 ft. Playing two games as the Japanese and both opponents always bomb at the same low altitude one at 6,000ft and the other at 7,0000ft
You must use house rules if playing PBEM.
Now that's what I like about HPS games-no house rules required this would be debated and fixed in a up-date.
Does anyone have info on bombing heights, would be interested to see historical reports against different targets.
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09-02-2007, 04:18 AM,
RE: HPS Naval Battles: Suggestion NA'86
Thanks Lowlander. Right, the B-25s would come in a low altitude but the B-24s and B-17s not, at least as far as I know about USAA tactics. What are the house rules that you need to play the game? von ege Big Grin
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09-02-2007, 09:22 PM,
RE: HPS Naval Battles: Suggestion NA'86
When the game starts in the main menu screen this is where you select PBEM, H2H and AI opponent etc.

Next select game parameter options ( on/off or +/- ).

Realism options
Japanese sub doctrine
Advanced weather effects
Allied damage control
Historical first turn
Vary setup
Dec 7th surprise

Game options
Combat reports
Auto sub ops
TF move radius
Plane move radius
Set all facilities to expand at start
Auto upgrades for air groups
Accept air and ground replacements
Turn cycle
AI difficulty
Player defind upgrades, the player decides which unit upgrades first.

This is all map styles, various message time delays and sound types.

Begin new game
Select scenario/campaign

Most people use house rules as to number of ships in ASW TF normally 6 to 8 ships.
Again same with 4-engined bomber attacks minimum 10,000ft.
You might agree only to allow one attack on Pearl.
Only landings at locations or hexes ( mostly small islands ) marked with a dot.
Hope this helps .
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