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Everything you need to know about Volcano Man Art/Alt scenario Mods & the FWWC series
01-21-2007, 03:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-11-2019, 05:54 AM by Mr Grumpy.)
zWrite a Note  Everything you need to know about Volcano Man Art/Alt scenario Mods & the FWWC series
*Note: These Mod files are designed to be used for non "Gold Standard" titles, there will be compatibility issues if they downloaded into a PzC Gold title folder should you wish to use VMod artwork with a PzC Gold title see this post for further info http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/s...?tid=72609

Also note that PzC Gold titles now have the Alternate scenarios and expansion packs included by default removing the need to download the files from this site*

[Image: ca07b597d2Vmods title.JPG]
Volcano Mod packs range from artwork enhancements, expansion packs and alternate (_Alt) scenarios for all Panzer Campaign and Modern Campaign titles, check each pack to see if the pack contains some or all of these enhancements.

[Image: 71e6dffcaaVMods art scenarios pic.JPG]

VMods webpage is Here there is no need to register to access the various Mod packs.

The artwork in these packs will replace the default artwork that comes with each title.

Expansion Packs
These packs include additional scenarios and artwork for the title the expansion pack is designed for.

[Image: dc3328f1f2VMods expansion.JPG]

What are Alternate or "Alt" scenarios?    
"_Alt" scenarios are modified versions of other designers stock scenarios that utilize an alternate database (McNamara for Panzer Campaigns and McNamara-Koger-Williams for Modern Campaigns). These scenarios are tailored specifically with PBEM in mind and, where possible, are products that take into account the suggestions of the wargaming community. In no way is it meant to suggest that _Alt scenarios are superior to the stock scenarios, they simply offer an alternate experience and perspective, all _Alt scenario can be reported to the TOC ladder and earn the same ladder points as stock scenarios.

When a pack states: "contains alternate scenarios", means that it contains _Alt versions of stock scenarios as well as the the usual modification to artwork. _Alt scenarios DO NOT overwrite any scenario files so you can install them without worry; you will still be able to play both the stock and _Alt version of each scenario, here is an example of how the _Alt scenarios appear in the title scenario list:
[Image: 09abcd8594alt scenarios.JPG]

*Note* I am in no way claiming _Alt scenarios as my own, rather it is a community project of which the original scenario designer(s) deserve the most credit: I am merely an editor. As the saying goes, it is far easier to add to a painting in order to make it look like a different image than it is to begin with a blank canvas and end up with a painting.

Optional rules to be used
I cannot stress enough that the unit ratings are so perticular that the following and exact optional rules must be selected or you could get results that are not intended.

These optional rules are also found in each notes files in the _Alt art / scenario pack.

Panzer Campaigns

Here are the optional rules to be used for PzC scenarios, the Alternate Assault Resolution rule is highlighted because it is the single most important required optional rule (it must be activated so that range 0 hard attack values work properly):
[Image: a30f59d8f8PzC Opt rules.JPG]
*The optional rule "Delayed Disruption Reporting" should be used if both players agree to use it. I personally prefer the rule, especially for campaign scenarios, but very short scenarios (single digit turn count) should probably not use it since time is so short.*

Modern Campaigns

Here is the optional rules to be used for Modern scenarios:
[Image: 12b5cf29c1Modern Opt Alt rules.JPG]

First World War Campaigns

Although there are no _Alt scenarios in F14 or EP14 (because both the titles and their stock scenarios were designed by VM), if you are looking for guidance on the correct optional rules to use to achieve balanced play, the following default optional rules must be selected or you could get results that are not intended.
[Image: FWWC%20Opt%20Rules.jpg]

More info on all aspects of VMods are available at this FAQ page Here

Some players have experienced problems with downloading files from VMods when they click the "Download" button, if this occurs try clicking the portrait instead as in the example for B45 below...
[Image: 507d02caafVmods.JPG]
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