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Fixed units
06-10-2006, 09:41 PM,
Fixed units
Hi, I am new to the panzer campaigns game series. I have started playing with the El Alamein game.
I noticed that fixed units are released as soon as the ennemy makes contact with them. Is there some other trigger like a time trigger if the ennemy does not come close?
Also I would think it would make sense that the whole division or brigade (whatever) gets released once the ennemy makes contact with one of its units.

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06-10-2006, 09:53 PM,
RE: Fixed units
Fixed units get released at a specific time set by the scenario designer, or if they are "bumped" by the enemy, which ever comes first. In certain unique situations (like manning fixed defenses) I can see where a designer could set that to never, but in all the play testing I was involved in, I don't recall that happening much.

As for what level releases, that again is set by the scenario designer. It can by anything from just the unit that was bumped, on up to the whole division, and is usually set to simulate some historical facts, like better or worse command control; confusion; poor training; etc.

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06-10-2006, 11:55 PM,
RE: Fixed units
Thanks for your answer. Where can I get the info on when they get released?

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06-11-2006, 01:22 AM,
RE: Fixed units
Pat22 Wrote:Thanks for your answer. Where can I get the info on when they get released?

In menu Units=)Releases
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06-11-2006, 04:51 AM,
RE: Fixed units
Pat22 Wrote:Thanks for your answer. Where can I get the info on when they get released?



I little more on FIXED Units if you will, in addition to the other remarks.

First of all, any units once spotted by an enemy units is released as has been started.

*IF* that unit is part of a FORMATION which has been FIXED with a TRIGGERED Release in the Game editor, then the entire FORMATION will release when any single units of the FORMATION is spotted.

Now I am emphasising the FORMATION here because this is defined by the Fixed Order. So the Formation could be a DIVISION if the Division is what is ordered FIXED and RELEASED, or it cold be higher or lower on the Org chart.

I belive in NGP we may have positioned some rear units with recon units out front where, once they are spotted and thus spot the enemy will release the entire unit.

In general terms, most units in Scns I've designed and tested are placed on the Map FIXED do have a release order. There are possible exceptions to this rule of thumb however. And other designers like Wig Graves (in Tobruk) often puts units in a Scn that are FIXED (because they were there on the map historically) but doesn't release them because the historically took no role in the scn. Neither style is right or wrong.

Also - in the editor, unit Releases can be 100% or anything lower. In some titles we have put TWO releases in for some units, a low percentage early and a higher or 100% release later to ensure the unit comes into Play. Or we issue low percentage releases for Sub units of a formation and then a 100% "clean up release" of the units and any unreleased units later. I don't have an example in mind here and in most cases lately we've avoid this practice because it can be confusiong if\when the second release comes about and all the units have already been released.

I'm working an tweaking the rear area of a new Campaign now and trying to make certain the release schedule is historical with respects to the situation Map, logical wrt the expected rate of advance and yet not completely tie the hands of the defender - and it is a delicate balancing act to get it right.

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