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S42 -- Any Germans winners
06-09-2006, 08:59 AM,
S42 -- Any Germans winners
Hi Folks

I was wondering if any PEBM games have seen the germans win S42 or rescue the 6th army?

I was just reading Mellenthin accounts of what sounds like a hopeless situation for the Germans.

So has anyone changed history by saving / resucing the 270,000 men of the 6th army?

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06-09-2006, 09:20 AM,
RE: S42 -- Any Germans winners
Well, I am playing as the Germans in the standard campaign game and my very able opponent is about to dismember the encircled 6th Army and it is still November!! To make matters worse, I did withdraw a couple of divisions from the city, but dithered with them east of the Don and got them cut up for no reason.

On the other hand, I am early in a campaign (again as the German) with another fellow and am trying something a bit different as to what the Germans do in Stalingrad.....I wont say what it is incase he reads this thread.

I do want to try another campaign, however, where I try to get 6th Army out of Stalingrad...try to re-group east of the Don, and then try a sharp counter attack against the pursuing Russians.

I think the real variable with this campaign is with what one does with 6th Army. It is potentially a powerful force. Your flanks are gonna cave in...nothing can stop that, but 6th Army, if you can do something with it other than allowing it to be ground to pieces in Stalingrad......

I do admit, I am not a "Stalingrad guy," but I love the game!!
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