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Shark Fin Soup Deadline Approaching!
06-01-2006, 02:26 PM,
zicon 3  Shark Fin Soup Deadline Approaching!

If your Round 1 match is not complete - you have roughly two more weeks to finish. :soap: I have not been notified of any Hudinis for some time, so I assume everyone is on track to finish.

At this point, since I have not been notified of problems, players who cannot finish will be disqualified unless there are some pretty extenuating circumstances favoring one or both players. Violin

You still have two weeks to finish. That should be sufficient in almost all cases I would think if you have been playing at any reasonable pace so far. With more than 2 1/2 months allocated for this first round, that should have been plenty.

I saw tonight that a few more battle reports have come in, and I will post them tomorrow. But I think there are still a number of matches that have not reported in. :rolleyes:

Please finish up by June 15th guys so we can get Round 2 underway. :2guns:

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