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Japan '46 - Operation Coronet Released!
10-23-2019, 04:43 PM,
Japan '46 - Operation Coronet Released!
Hi All,

We're excited to release the follow-on to Japan '45, the invasion of Honshu in Operation Coronet.

All the news, game features and additional screenshots here; WDS Blog post
Additional information and free download of additional game materials; Japan '46 JTS Product Page

We're very happy with how this title has turned out and thank the (vociferous) members of the Blitz for helping us build a better game. A number of Japan '45 suggestions and issues/observations were corrected in this latest release and in a few cases will be retrofitted back into the prior title.

Here are a few screenshots;

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%201.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%2010.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%2013.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%202.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%203.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%205.jpg]

[Image: Blog%2071%20-%206.jpg]


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