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New Scenario for Testing
02-18-2019, 02:50 PM,
New Scenario for Testing
Anyone want to help me test a new custom West Front scenario of my own design? As some of you are aware, there are a lot of excellent late war scenarios available for PBEM in WF, but very few early war scenarios, so I try to focus on early war engagements.

Here's the description:

[Gembloux, 51 kilometers SE of Brussels, Belgium]: [H2H][HISB][GD]: On May 13, 1940, the Germans and French fought the first real tank battle of the Second World War near Hannut, Belgium. The Germans forced the French Army's Cavalry Corps to retreat, and continued their advance westwards, hoping to beat the main British and French armies to their planned defensive positions on the Dyle Line. On May 14th, elements of General Hoepner's XVI Armeekorps (mot.) encountered infantry of France's 1st Army near Ernage. Fierce fighting throughout the day brought Hoepner's troops to a halt, and forced the Germans to realize that they were too late; the Dyle Line was indeed occupied. The Germans withdrew for the night, but planned to hurl the 3rd and 4th Panzer Divisions against the French in a frontal attack the next day. The center of the French line was held by the men of the 1ere Division Marocaine (1st Moroccan Division). This unit, which had a proud tradition dating back to the First World War, was considered an elite unit. As the sun rose on the 15th, the men of the 1st Moroccan Division prepared to add their own chapter to the unit's history. [Recommend play with Variable Visibility and Extreme Assault off; Armor Facing optional.] [The title of the scenario refers to the national animals of Germany and Morocco, the Black Eagle and the Barbary Lion, respectively.]

So how about it?

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