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Wacht am Rhein(Herbstnebel) Readme
12-31-2018, 05:00 AM,
RE: Wacht am Rhein(Herbstnebel) Readme
(12-31-2018, 03:24 AM)Sgt_Rock Wrote: The lack of ZOCs will help the Germans - good move. Peiper and the infiltrating units can now slip through the lines.

I also think highly of the Alternative rules. Being able to pick out units in a hex for air, direct and indirect and naval fire always seemed unrealistic. I also am a big fan of the new hidden disruption result rule. Many of us fire fire fire until a unit disrupts and then attack it. How would the units have known they were disrupted? Broken I can understand.

A hex is 1 km, right? Why wouldn't a unit be able to target a sub area of a 1km hex? Are you saying the smallest area any unit in the game can target is 1 square km?

As for disruption, how about when a unit stops returning fire? How about when it's completely suppressed? Isn't that a sign that something about that unit has degraded?
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