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The Wacht am Rhein CMFB Tournament starts [signup-closed]
04-24-2016, 12:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-25-2016, 09:12 AM by raz_atoth.)
The Wacht am Rhein CMFB Tournament starts [signup-closed]
[Image: wachtamrein2.jpg]


It's my great pleasure to announce the start of this year's first tournament!

Wacht Am Rhein is a CMFB knockout type tournament, where 32 players will compete for the title of 'the King of the Ardennes'. If you're interested in taking part, please post below!

How it will be played:

Each round will be played as a QB-type medium mirrored game, on a map which will be provided. This means in each round you will play 2 games, one with the axis, one with the allies against the same opponent. The winner of the round, will be the player who will get the best score out of the two games. The score will be determined from the victory level, as follows:

9 pts will be awarded for a total victory,
8 pts for a major victory
7 pts for a tactical victory
6 pts for a minor victory
5 pts for a draw
4 pts for a minor defeat
3 pts for a tactical defeat
2 pts for a major defeat
1 for a total defeat

In case of a tie, the points shown by the game on the final screen, will be used to determine who goes to the next round.


Each game will be played as a medium QB, on a custom map, but with troops each player will pick. As stated before, 2 games will be played in each round, one with each side. For the first 3 rounds the schedule is this:

Round 1 : Axis Attack - 1:15h (75 turns)
Round 2 : Medium Engagement - 0:45h (45 turns)
Round 3 : Allies Attack - 1:15h (75 turns)


The sign-up period will be open for the next 2 weeks, unless the 32 slots are filled before. Please note only the first 32 players who signup will take part in the tournament!


If an opponent drops-out from the tournament, his opponent will be awarded the victory in both games and thus access to the next round.


The games are to be played using 'Iron' as skill level, unless otherwise agreed.
The games will count as ladder-games, unless otherwise agreed.
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The Wacht am Rhein CMFB Tournament starts [signup-closed] - by raz_atoth - 04-24-2016, 12:39 AM

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