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Help Needed
01-07-2016, 05:39 AM,
ahelp  Help Needed
So I bought PB:Normandy a few days ago and I think I need some help from the veterans here. I've been wargaming for over a decade now but this is my first Tiller title. And I'm becoming so frustrated with it that I'm kind off starting to regret the purchase.

I'm slowly going through the first two tutorials and I can barely get a draw in either. I keep running into a concrete wall, quite literally: bunkers. I find it near impossible to dislodge defenders from a bunker no matter how many troops I throw at them. Especially in the short turn limits these scenarios offer. By the last turn of my third attempt at the Utah Beach tutorial I managed to take three out of the 8 bunkers.

Half a dozen guys and a single AT gun can somehow consistently hold off 300+ US riflemen and engineers for hours despite two dozen tanks blasting away. It's near impossible to break or even disrupt German troops in such a bunker despite having them surrounded and inflicting 90% casualties, pinning doesn't seem to exist in this game and those guys are barely even fatigued after hours of intense combat. My artillery, MG units, naval and air support are utterly useless against bunkers and are only somewhat effective on the German trenches. Meanwhile my own units get disrupted whenever someone looks slightly angry in their general direction.

Each turn is supposed to be 30 minutes, no? So why, if 150 men assault a bunker for 30 minutes, do they take a mere 3 casualties while only inflicting one? Is there some sort of aggressiveness setting I'm missing, where I accidentally order my units to probe instead of assaulting or something like that? Neither the manual nor the tutorial guide provided any help, in fact the latter seems to suggest bunkers can easily be dealt with by simply shooting at them for one or two turns before an assault.

I clearly have sufficient troops to clear the beach defenses and if the tutorial scenario were twice as long it would be a definite victory. But the casualty rates seem ahistorically low while the tenacity of what should be low-quality German conscripts beggars belief. In reality 4th Div cleared out most of these relatively meager beach defenses within the hour and with a lot less casualties than I'm sustaining in 4 hours here.

So tl;dr: I can't find any way to deal with bunkers and it's sapping my joy from the game. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!
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