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Squad Battles / Heroes of Stalingrad
03-05-2015, 07:41 AM,
RE: Squad Battles / Heroes of Stalingrad
So ... I ended up buying all of them:

and also Company of Heroes - Storms of Steel

My sentiments after playing around with all for a while:

- As was predicted, the interfaces and graphics for the newer games was quite superior to SB

- Interestingly though, the overall atmosphere was not as lop-sided for the new games. I found that touching up the BMP files and using some of the nice mods I found - along with the great native background sound put SB in real contention (for my tastes)

- Game play : The whole dice rolling thing was not so bad for me .... coming from old Avalon Hill and SPI board games, it was quite nostalgic ... although there have been a fair amount of "C'mon ... you have to be kidding" moments - which I almost never get with JTS titles ...

- Longevity : it's surprising, but many of the newer games just fizzle out. I know there is a whole long story with the LnL product line - but it seems that a lot of the Devs for other games either just disappear or give all their attention to new projects.

- JTS seems eternal ;)

It was interesting to read this article on the Wargamer:


Although I have not bought them (yet), it seems to me that recent JTS titles FWW and PB are improving in terms of graphics / interface ....

I wonder if the same type of improvements might be applied to SB or will a new series be used to introduce a more up-to-date interface / graphics standard?

Anyone know about that?
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