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John Tiller Campaign Series Editor glitch - Printable Version

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John Tiller Campaign Series Editor glitch - CelerEtAudax - 03-25-2020

I have just made two Eastfront scenarios using the editor.  Unfortunately, I have hit a big problem in setting the number of turns.  When the dialog box comes up, the default value is 30, written thus: 1-30(d)  This is not the default value of 10 mentioned in the manual, but It shouldn't have been a  problem.  I entered a lower value as follows: 1-16(d)  When I hit the OK button, a box popped up with the following.  In the top left corner was written 'invalid input'  In the centre was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.  Next to that was the message 'invalid turn value(s)

I have tried entering different figures, via the main keyboard and the numbers keypad.  I have even experimented with upper and lower case and the space bar but nothing has worked.  The only number the editor will accept is the original figure of 30.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,

Pongo de Mer.

RE: John Tiller Campaign Series Editor glitch - Big Ivan - 03-25-2020

Hi Pongo de Mer!

Welcome to the Campaign Series!! Smile

Look at the box directly to the right of that turns box.  It will say visibility.

Whatever you pick for the "Turns" then the visibility has to say the same for turns!

Example: Say the scenario was 1-30[d]  turns and you changed it to 1-16[d] turns. Then over at the visibility box it has to say the same. If it(the visibility) box still says 1-30[x] then you have to change it to 1-16[x] also.

For further information the [x] in the visibility box is the actual visibility in hexes in any scenario. You can change that to any number from 1 to 20. That signifies the actual visibility in any scenario can be from 1 to 20 hexes depending on your choice.

In the Turns box the 1-16[d], the [d] signifies daytime. If you change that to an [n] then it signifies nighttime.

I hope this helps my friend! If your still having problems post here on this forum.

Good Luck!!

Big Ivan(John) Wink