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JTS Releases Wolfpack - Printable Version

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JTS Releases Wolfpack - Compass Rose - 12-01-2019

JTS just released Wolfpack.

[Image: Wolfpack.png]
[Image: Wolfpack1.png]
[Image: Wolfpack2.png]
[Image: Wolfpack3.png]
[Image: Wolfpack4.png]

More game information can be found here:  http://johntillersoftware.com/NavalCampaigns/Wolfpack.html

RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - Stejones82 - 12-01-2019

Woo-Hoo! ! ! !Fun game, I hope everyone gets it quick and enjoys the game! I certainly do!


RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - Xaver - 12-02-2019

totally unexpected title.... i admit naval serie is not one i really like a lot (are better naval games) but this with the sub war is different and interesting (even when i wait with more interest a campaign title covering the full sub war).

Maybe you didnt notice it but in the manual talk about more titles like this and are an area dedicated to missile combat with a lot of post WWII examples... and appear an image of a submarine that is not from WWII... try find it  Rolling Eyes Big Grin

Cant wait to see reviews, AARs and even some videos about the game.

PD: is strange dont see in manual a WWI easter egg.

RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - Gary McClellan - 12-02-2019

Here's a partial AAR, though I have to leave in a bit.


RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - KEYSTONE07950 - 12-03-2019

This game is ALOT of fun! Just scratched the surface of the game. So much depth to the simulation. I look forward to continuing my exploration of the game.

Hope this game sells well ( I did my share ) so all the goodies shown in the manual come our way in subsequent releases.

RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - budd - 12-04-2019

Agreed, this game is fun. Working my way down the scenario list. Haven't played the Allied side yet. Hope it turns into a sub series of games from both sides and the operational layer gets expanded on.

RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - Compass Rose - 12-14-2019

All of the Wolfpack scenarios have been uploaded to the Blitz database.

RE: JTS Releases Wolfpack - Stejones82 - 12-15-2019

(12-14-2019, 01:44 PM)Compass Rose Wrote: All of the Wolfpack scenarios have been uploaded to the Blitz database.

Thanks Chad!!  In reality, we are not entirely certain that the H2H feature works.   If anyone does test it please report here!