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'Black sea black death' review - Printable Version

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'Black sea black death' review - Tankertony - 10-31-2019

I have now played Ragnar's 'Black sea black death' scenario twice, from both sides, and can honestly attest that this scenario is ready for the big time. (pending Ragnar's final adjustments)

Centering on the Black Sea coast around Novorossiysk shortly after the debacle at Stalingrad,
the scenario depicts Stalin's latest attempt to destroy Wehrmacht forces before Kerch. 

Airborne landings, sea-born landings, tanks, planes, boats, railroad units, rockets, partisans, and plentiful Axis minor troops, this scenario has it all!

Great job Ragnar!


RE: 'Black sea black death' review - Ragnar - 12-22-2019

Thanks for the feedback and support.

Sometimes I think I still should improve the scenario and wipe out minor issues.