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Panzer Campaign Icons - Printable Version

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Panzer Campaign Icons - KhanDam - 10-28-2019


After upgrading all SB I discover that if you fresh install a Game you got on desktop an beatiful Icon for it, but if you upgrade it you don't have them.

So for an homogeinity i collect some existing icon and remake the missing.

It's not my work it's the design of JTS but I put them in Ico File to allow more flexibility.

Find the Full Set Icon  for Panzer Campaign attached

Regards from France


Find Icon Full set for PB/SB/CWB in respective Section

RE: Panzer Campaign Icons - 76mm - 10-29-2019

Thanks for these!

RE: Panzer Campaign Icons - Crazy Dutch - 11-01-2019


Do you also have it of modern campaigns etc

RE: Panzer Campaign Icons - Strela - 11-02-2019

The icons are based off the new ones I have built for each updated game/series.

We haven't released the updates for Modern Campaigns but when we do, new icons will be available.