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2017 Ladder Winners - Printable Version

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2017 Ladder Winners - A Canadian Cat - 01-09-2019

Happy belated 2017 new year everyone. Congratulations are in order for the ladder winners of 2017.

The award for Top ELO score for 2017 goes to GAZNZ
[Image: 2017%20Top%20ELO.png]
The runner up is A Canadian Cat

The award for Top Score on the ladder for 2017 goes to Gilgamesh
[Image: 2017%20Top%20Score.png]

The runner up is exsonic01
A big congratulations go out to GAZNZ and Gilgamesh on a job well done! [Image: 372aaee2f4congratulations.gif]

Thanks to all of you who played and recorded your games on the Blitz Combat Mission Ladder in 2017.

Hope you had fun. [Image: d76a84bc5bthumbs%20up.gif]

RE: 2017 Ladder Winners - A Canadian Cat - 01-09-2019

I need to apologize for this long, long over due 2017 ladder medal awarding.

As many of you know at the end of 2017 there was a delay in closing the yearly ladders. At one point we considered reworking the database to close it on the correct date so we delayed awarding the 2017 medals. Eventually it was decided that the effort was to large for the low number of games that were incorrectly logged. In that time I forgot to actually circle back and make the awards. When doing the 2018 awards I noticed the missing 2017.

I apologize for the delay and the confusion around the closing process.

Please also note that ladders are now programmed to end the year automatically so this problem should not occur again.