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SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Printable Version

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SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - seabolt - 05-14-2018

Hello all,

Let me just brush these cobwebs off here, blow away this dust. *cough*

I'm looking for an opponent for a 2018 SPMBT game featuring any of the potential culprits that may interest you. US vs Russia. China vs USMC maybe with a Japanese contingent. Israel maybe vs some combination of Syria and Russian assets. If you insist on being just a great big old glutton for punishment I suppose we could fit the Mujahideen contingent in here somewhere. Something relevant to today's news.

I'm pretty easy-going otherwise. I prefer player-selected forces but will generally agree to buying in company formations if that's your thing. Z-fire full, modified or verboten as long as we're on the same page. We can hash all of that out pretty easily, I suspect.

I prefer to play one or two turns daily when actively engaged.

Reply if interested, thanks.

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Weasel - 05-14-2018

Waves the dust and cobwebs away in front of his face...cough cough. Welcome back, been a very long time. Club has changed big time since you last played.

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - seabolt - 05-14-2018

Everything has changed big time since the last time I played. Though it's good to see that you are still going strong, Weasel. Perhaps not quite "everything." ;-)

Clearly, general interest has declined. Which is a shame. Nothing newer quite fills the same niche. I'm hoping to find someone who will knock the rust off of me. Should be an easy "W" for them. ;-)

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Weasel - 05-15-2018

I would offer but I am down to 2 games at a time now, both slots are full. Won't be finished them for at least a month either, sorry.

Walrus and myself were talking about the ladder, I guess all the old guys who grew up with SP in the 90s are leaving gaming, and all the new players prefer the flashy games, like first person shooters and stuff.

There are some new players on the ladder, but not like when you were active and a game offer would glean 17 responses. Hopefully you won't wait too long; I'll keep an eye on the thread.

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - seabolt - 05-15-2018

It blows my mind watching my son play "Fortnite." Whirling and leaping every which way at once, playing combat engineer, sniper and Spider-Man all at a go. ;-)

It's a different era. We're getting old. Well, I am anyway. Walrus probably decided to quit aging years ago. ;-)


RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Weasel - 05-15-2018

Walrus is too full of whiskey and rock 'n roll to get old!

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Walrus - 05-15-2018

Hello Seabolt!

I'm in the same situation as Weasel...won't be clear for a new game for a month.
I have little time for SP these days...but I refuse to quit.
Just slowly pickling myself, playing music and blowing up the odd enemy at the same time...keeps me young haha.

Good luck eh...I'll keep an eye out too.

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - seabolt - 05-15-2018

Cheers back at ya.

I've been occupied elsewise for some time, but I guess this game's like malaria. Chronic, the bug flares back up. Except the real thing is edging past the game's modeling. Drone fleets precision-bombing opfors in the Middle East. The next-gen US Army night vision will pipe video straight from the gunsight, so only the weapon needs to peek over cover or around corners for aimed fire. It's going to be fluid and stochastic and more like basketball than chess. That's hard on men's minds.

Anyway, keep working on the armor value of that liver, boss man. ;-)

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - Alpha Zwo - 05-24-2018

Hi Seabolt,

I have just found out that I registered my last SP game more than six years ago. Unbelievable. If you are still looking for an opponent drop me a note and we can start something.


Alpha Zwo

RE: SPMBT PBEM: Immediate Horizon - seabolt - 05-25-2018

Wow. You're even more out of date than I am!

I'll message you shortly assuming I can figure out/remember how. ;-)