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From Eric - Scud - 05-01-2018

Just got an email from Eric. Thought I'd pass it on:

Dave: Good to hear from you guys! Not doing much better, Im afraid but still hanging in there. Miss the days of electric warfare but just cant seem to concentrate enough to get through a game. Even reading is becoming a chore. So Ive taken to watching baseball(!?)which I stopped doing back in 1993 when Dave Brown signed with the Dodgers on a 4 year deal worth 1.4 mil a year & was out of baseball due to being no good the next. But now it kinda glides right by on TV without me having to think much(or something like that). Say hello to the guys for me, Eric

RE: From Eric - zap - 05-02-2018

Thank you for sharing Eric correspondence  Dave.

RE: From Eric - Jason Petho - 05-02-2018

(05-02-2018, 08:21 AM)zap Wrote: Thank you for sharing Eric correspondence  Dave.