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To All my Esteemed Opponents - Boisforas - 03-18-2018

Gentlemen, I really appreciate your concerns with my health. I was diagnosed with liver cancer a week ago and it appears to be rather advanced. At this point, it appears that I just don't have the stamina to complete any more games. The lethargy has me staring at the computer rather than diving into the games as I normally would. And Im having trouble remembering who to send what to. As I could not ask for a better bunch of guys to hang out with on the electric battlefield I want to thank you all for a great time. Hopefully I will get stronger down the road and will let you all know as soon as that happens. Keep up the fight, Eric

RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Dan Caviness - 03-18-2018

God Bless and hang in there Eric.
I've been fighting kidney stones and feeling sorry for myself, so you've at least put things in proper perspective.
Get healthy.



RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Herr Straße Laufer - 03-18-2018

Prayers for you and yours.
Eric, I do pray that you find peace in your heart and return to us soon.

Virtual battlefields can generate true friendships?


RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Scud - 03-18-2018

Eric, you are without equal. I doubt there is a person at the Blitz who won't go out of their way to help you with this in any way we can. I've always said you're one of my favorite opponents. You're one of my favorite people as well. Stay positive, stay strong, we're all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.


RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Big Ivan - 03-18-2018

Eric, God bless to you and yours. You are beyond a shadow of a doubt in my book a top shelf, class act guy!! I've enjoyed immensely our conversation about the NFL each time we exchange turns! You will get stronger and return to us I know you will.

You and yours are in my prayers. God's speed in overcoming this!


RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - zap - 03-18-2018

I'm pulling for you and said a prayer for your well being Eric. Your not walking this alone we're here for you. my friend.

RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Otto von Blotto - 03-18-2018

Eric as well as being a genuinely nice man, you have always been a ready and dedicated opponent, your energy and enthusiasm for the game beyond doubt, you fight with tenacity win or lose and always come back for more.

We have always had a game running between us since we virtually met nearly 20 years ago on the long gone frontline wargame club and I followed you here, through good and bad thick and thin and I am very glad to call you my friend.

My thoughts are with you and I hope we still have some games left to play once your feeling stronger.
All my best

RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Tiger 88 - 03-19-2018

Eric - I echo the words and sentiments that your fellow brothers have posted!  You have been a consummate player and most of all a great friend over the years.  I want you to know that you are in my constant thoughts and prayers buddy!

God bless you my friend!


RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Warhorse - 03-19-2018

Get well Eric, am saying a prayer for you. Has been really great playing you over the years!

RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents - Rebel__ - 03-19-2018

Prayers for you my friend take care of yourself and do whats most important to you..... wishing all the best for you and your Family