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Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Printable Version

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Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Strela - 03-24-2017

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20470.png]

Hi All,

As the release notice has been buried in the other thread, I thought I would dedicate a post to the actual release.

We're excited to finally get the Demo out the door - it's had its challenges!!!

There is a dedicated page on John Tiller's site here (it includes the download link at the bottom of the page);

We have also posted a Blog Post up on the WDS site here ;

A little further explanation. The Demo is free, but you do have to go through a 'purchasing' process to receive a key and download the game. This includes providing your email address. 

This allows us to do two things - keep track of the number of downloads and also build our email marketing database. The Demo is our primary tool to introduce new players to the game system, let you know what we're doing and to also respond to the communities requests. If we don't have your email address, then we can't let you know what we're developing and releasing.

There has also been discussion around downloadable content (DLC's). Our intention at this time is to provide more content for free. Don't ask us when, but we want to ensure that people get to experience the full range of situations Panzer Battles can simulate.

There is a lot more detail on the links above, but feel free to give us your feedback here in this thread.



RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Xaver - 03-24-2017

Thanks for the demo, looks great and with a pair of scens to attrack hordes of new Tillerians  Big Grin

Ok, then the use of demo to release pieces of titles paying in a DLC scheme is abandoned and all that is going to appear in demo is going to be for free, nice, even when i dont dislike the idea of a free base title where install small things (like a full battle-campaing following the Salerno 43 style) but if PzB3 is going to cover Crete+early Africa campaings... looks not imposible mix in a PzB title 2 diferent areas of combat not only in space and time.

Well, expect downloads go fine  Helmet Wink

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Lowlander - 03-25-2017

Thank you for the demo. this must rate as the best freebie game ever released, what a great diverse mix of scenarios and nations, look forward to the next release in the series.

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Pepe Botijo - 03-25-2017

Thank you guys! Amazing work, as always.

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - kolc - 03-25-2017

HUZZAH! Thanks   Helmet Smile

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - phoenix - 03-25-2017

Thanks! Look forward to trying it!

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Compass Rose - 03-25-2017

Thanks David and test crew for allowing us to have a piece of Christmas in March!


RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Xaver - 03-25-2017

A little question, the A13 cruiser tanks with 8/3 hard attack value VS the 2 pdr AT guns with 7/3 hard attack value is intentional???

Ooo and in the Hannut scens i notice french units using the 2 vehicles portrait like in Normandy (in Normandy was a suggestion to see what units have 1 Firefly in the section because this increase the unit combat values), i imagine is to show the diferent composition of old vehicles with short 37mm and new vehicles with long 37mm no???

And in Hannut a little question about the defensive value of "SA-L mle 34 25mm P19", it has 10 defensive points like the german "PKW MG Flak (W)" but in Mersa el Brega PzJg1 has the usual 3 defensive value for that kind of vehicles.


RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - Aces8 - 03-25-2017

Thank you guys for putting this together it's a beautiful package. Looking forward to your future releases.

RE: Panzer Battles Demo - Released! - wiggum - 03-25-2017

Thanks for the work and the free demo !

Honestly, i think its not a good idea to have a free demo download run through a store system...will put some people off.
(i know its free and no payment has to be made)

You could get the email address without running it through a store system were you have to put in a address (i know fake stuff works too).

Just saying, i think with a link on the JTS homepage just like with the other demos you would do better in spreading the Demo to as many people as possible.