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map colours - Weasel - 01-25-2017

Searching the internet to see if there is a way to change the dark and light shades on the map for friendly held vs enemy held.  With my less than perfect colour vision I sometimes miss an area that is not closed off which allows the enemy to retreat, so if the enemy shade was darker it would help a lot.

I know you can edit font, but what about the colour?

RE: map colours - Weasel - 01-26-2017

Well I found out two things:  1.  my monitor brightness wasn't all the way up, that helped turning it up, and 2.  zooming out makes the controlled areas lighter and darker, zoomed in they are harder to see.

RE: map colours - Aces8 - 01-26-2017

I am using Jison's map mod and I noticed that the shading of captured hexes with enemy held hexes can be hard to see as well. Not sure what you could do to fix this maybe make the enemy shade a brighter red some how?

RE: map colours - Weasel - 01-26-2017

Yeah, I was hoping for a yellow for friendly and maybe a light blue for enemy; the woods and moutains are the worst, I cannot see any difference in the mountains.