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Looking for a game - exsonic01 - 01-17-2017


I leaved CMBS for a while, but come back with 4.0 upgrade. It was long time ago that I last enjoyed CMBS, so you can regard me as a newbie. 

I prefer meeting engagement and turn by turn PBEM (and no opening barrage rule maybe?). Depending on the size, I could play at least 3+ turn at a day. QB or scenario both are fine. 



RE: Looking for a game - zeke - 01-21-2017

I'm looking for a game as well. I will email you privately and we can set something up.


RE: Looking for a game - Comdr - 08-01-2017

If you are still interested in an opponent, please let me know. I am at plemieux@295.ca.



RE: Looking for a game - Gilgamesh - 08-02-2017

hello again sonic and zeke, nice to meet you comdr, feel free to contact me for a qb or scenario, i'm always in for a fight :)
best regards