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Fireflies in Game - Printable Version

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Fireflies in Game - GerryM - 01-03-2016

In le Mesnil I see a few Sherman V tanks. These are not Fireflies, right. One Firefly was the Sherman VC??

Also I see a Sherman III Firefly (3+1) version. Does this mean three regular Shermans and one Firefly?

Thanks again,


RE: Fireflies in Game - ComradeP - 01-03-2016

Mixed units including a Firefly show two tank types, with the Firefly in the background. This was done by community request following a question about mixed units in the teaser thread, as we asked for a way for the Germans to identify if units included a Firefly as the stats of those units would be better.

For the Allies, "something plus something" indicates the composition of the unit, with the first number being for the vehicle "at the front" of the unit information counter and the second number being for the vehicle "in the rear".

RE: Fireflies in Game - Ricky B - 01-03-2016

There was an offline discussion of this scenario and tank units also, tonight. For the British/Commonwealth, I don't think they had any platoons that are all Fireflies. So if you see a single tank in the image (assuming enemy), it is a 75mm Sherman. If it has the 2 tank image, then it is 3 75s and 1 17 pdr/Firefly. If you have the British units, I judge their type by looking at the HA rating - 18 means the unit is all 75mm, higher means it is the 3+1.

The Sherman Vs are regular 75mm versions.

In that discussion, we determined there was one unit (HQ I think) mislabeled as to the type, as it would indicate it was a Sherman with 76mm gun, but my understanding is the British didn't use many if any 76mm Shermans.


RE: Fireflies in Game - GerryM - 01-03-2016

Appreciate the help.