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Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Printable Version

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RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - jimcrowley - 08-17-2015

(08-15-2015, 04:49 PM)Strela Wrote: We got some time with one of the new 'features' for Panzer Battles that has huge potential. We may not use this feature to the depth we would like, but it will come down to bandwidth in the final home run.

Of course we don't know what the 'new feature' is and I'm sure that it will remain a secret for a while yet.

However, it is to be hoped that this series will be, at least, evolutionary if not revolutionary and one way to ensure that is to employ 'new features' as much as possible.

So, even if it takes a little longer to get the second game out, I'm sure it would be worth it in order to get the greatest possible return on a feature that has 'huge potential'.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Xaver - 08-17-2015

Finally!!! i find that my main problem was with Canadians... i allways see them more "orange" from PzC Normandy Jison mapmod.

Ummm new feature, i am curious about this, maybe for AT combat??? or you port "Fanatic Nations" from Pzc??? could be lol see the rule working first in PzB than in a PzC title Big Grin2

Cant wait to see the 16th Luftwaffe land division visual OOB... i allways like these formations, weak, but allways "exotic" i allways love the Vitebsk scen in Minsk44 with their 2 divisions Helmet Wink

Early release VS later release to add new features... ummm i think that today in the internet era is possible do an early release and patch later... in my case i dont have problem here because patch allways arrive, i know that Tiller is more in release "full 1.0 games" and we cant see this but if we need wait to next year... sometimes i prefer less early with time to play and later with all but not time to play Rolling Eyes

Good job with the title, looks very good and i am not a Normandy fan, i prefer fist the desert title... and talking about other titles... east-west-north Africa-east??? Whistle

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Outlaw Josey Wales - 08-17-2015

(08-17-2015, 12:34 AM)Mr Grumpy Wrote:
(08-16-2015, 10:34 PM)Strela Wrote: It's bad enough we are dealing with two types of English - US and 'proper' Commonwealth English!!!


I think you mean the Queens English and that strange slang that the other parts of the "empire" use???? Mex Big Grin Whistle

Sometimes the Queen's English sounds like French, Greek or any other, take your pick. Then again, there are some people here that also sound foreign and I don't mean legal or illegal immigrants. :)

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Xaver - 08-18-2015

You think i have time to read Beevor Normandy book before release??? i read really fast when i want... i remember "eat" IT in a little less 2 weeks Rolling Eyes

Something i need ask... is possible release a mod with game (and for PzB1 to) to have a more classic Black SS and grey Heer??? as alt files i try do it in my own but well, was exotic hehehe.


PD: i am curious now about the game time range... the 16th LFD was rushed in early july but the areas covered in map suggest me a later period... middle august maybe... you are working in a title covering diferent periods of Normandy Campaign around the british sector??? with USA units i think in a later period... cant wait more leaks from our beloved Strela king of leaks Helmet Wink

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - ComradeP - 08-18-2015

Based on a rough measurement of the full jump map compared to the part we've seen and its measurements, I'd say the map can cover battles from the coast in the Cotentin Peninsula north of Sainte-Mere-Eglise (accents are tricky on this keyboard, sorry DaveMic) but not to Cherbourg.

Then south to about Vitre, but not including Avranches.

Then east skirting along the northern outskirts of Le Mans following the east-west rail line to Arville.

Then north to about Saint-Valery-en-Caux on the Channel coast.

As the hexes are stacked directly on top of eachother, the Y axis allows for more terrain to be covered than the X axis on the same amount of map space.

The precise dimensions depend on the distortion of the map/the fact that the world isn't flat like on Google Maps.

Maybe Cherbourg and Avranches are included, but they're about 15-20 kilometres out of bounds in my measurement.

This means it can include more or less everything that happened in Normandy, including the part of Cobra where the Americans wheeled left back towards Falaise/Rouen/the Seine, it is truly a huge map.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Xaver - 08-18-2015

Thanks ComradeP, could be great if they add at least a pair of scens to cover the initial attacks over Cherburg in the peninsula base... add 91. Luftlande-Infanterie-Division could be great... maybe fight for Valognes???.

Ummm them the Luftwaffe land divisions are not going to be the only human resources for Luftwaffe in scens out of Flak units, nice.

Aaaa the long and painfull wait Helmet Rolleyes

PD: we can expect OOB PDF leaks soon™???

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - wiggum - 08-23-2015


RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Dog Soldier - 08-23-2015

Even though PzB2 is a BEAST, start sharpening your scenario design skills. There is more than we can cover in a lifetime for this title.

How you say 'Scenario Packs'?

Dog Soldier

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Ricky B - 08-23-2015

Agreed with Dog Soldier. There are many people involved in the scenarios and there are still so many more that can be done, by anyone with a desire to put one together. Especially with the new feature, that adds a huge amount to what can be done.


RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Strela - 08-23-2015

Hi Everyone,

Time for another weekly update. Despite not having a heap of spare time a fair bit has been achieved. Davemic has kindly reviewed the map (and been sworn to secrecy!) and corrected a heap of incorrect French location names. This has been a huge job and I want to publically thank him for the time he has spent to date.

Another big scenario is being built by me and this looks like another interesting situation. Jeff Connor also provided the last in a series he has been working on as well. Jeff has some really interesting tweaks in the work he has done to date and players will tackle some unusual situations. Personally, I think that the variation in the situations in each scenario is one of the coolest features of this title.

ComradeP was prognosticating on map inclusions. For his (and all of your) edification here are two locations that were assumed missing;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20200.png]

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20201.png]

And for Xaver;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20202.png]