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Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Printable Version

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Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Strela - 07-18-2015

Spurred on by Jim Crowley's plaintive cries...!

"Here we are, two months on......and still nothing. Really?

I'm puzzled as to why there has to be so much secrecy about the location/coverage of the new title.

The 'we're working on something which is nearly done but we're not going to tell you what it is' marketing/sales approach eludes me entirely.

Can't see what it is designed to achieve other than, perhaps, causing frustration to folk who might like to be doing some background reading etc. on the upcoming theatre.

Come on, it's only a game; not a new top-secret weapons development!"


I thought it time to start an official 'Teaser Thread'. A fair bit has been put out to there already, but we will release more info sporadically.

There is still a lot to do. We are fully done on the OB, the scenarios are a fair way along and a lot of testing has been done to date. We are also progressing the documentation and I'm including some 'partial' examples of pages from that and other snippets below.

Don't expect new info every day as we still have a truckload of work to do still, but consider this the go to place for info and discussion.

Without further ado:

This is the shot (without text) from the front of the User Notes;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20166.png]

Here is a section of the map for all you sleuths;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20167.png]

Here is an example of one of the colourisations and it's use in game (from the design notes);

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20168.png]

And for a German unit;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20169.png]

Some example Allied units;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20170.png]

And some Axis units - notice the spread of morale ratings;

[Image: PB%20Graphics%20171.png]



RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Compass Rose - 07-18-2015

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

Where's the paypal link? Propeller Hat

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - ComradeP - 07-18-2015

At least this should be a bit easier than Kursk, where it looked like the scale of the Voronezh Front 8th July teaser was off due to my inaccurate maps and even Google not being too helpful.

My home internet connection is still down, so I don't have the time to check things in detail.

As such, I can't tell you where it is yet, but I can tell you what it is: a complete nightmare for anyone attacking from the north. Rivers (the concentration of major rivers is surprising), terrain, hills sloping up towards the south, a great many hexes allowing the defenders to hide...

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - stolypin - 07-19-2015

Credit card locked, loaded, and ready guys.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - KEYSTONE07950 - 07-19-2015

The terrain may be Italy? The vehicle's shown indicate 1944/1945? Morale D, E, & F Germans may indicate late war?

What I cannot reconcile is a US battalion HQ with morale D.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - jimcrowley - 07-19-2015

Interesting - thanks for getting this going Strela.

So what have we got?

A Sherman Firefly in Normandy; a map that totally eludes me at this time; later war 44/45 AFV's and troops that include British Paras, Commandos and, I think, SAS.

I believe this title is based on a Panzer Campaigns title so I don't think it could be Italy as none fit the time frame.

This suggests Normandy, Market Garden or Bulge. The terrain in the map is almost certainly not Holland; more likely Normandy or Ardennes (Bulge).

Looking at the top left edge is a small area that is reminiscent of Bocage; so maybe Normandy.

That would be my quick guess at this stage.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Compass Rose - 07-19-2015

Based on the in-game images my guess would be a Normandy-Market Garden time frame.

As KEYSTONE mentioned about the US battalion HQ with morale D, I would think that we would NOT see that in a Normandy situation unless those units are in a really bad situation by being scattered really bad or maybe it could represent the number of high ranking officers killed during the initial para and glider landings.

Now if they are surrounded and in bad positions like Market Garden, I would expect to see HQ rating that bad also.

All I can say is "good luck" to those troops who's HQ is in such bad shape. If you control them, you'll have your work cut out for you.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - DaveMic - 07-19-2015

We feel the Normandy !!! Wink
To the right the Orne valley ...

Lord Lovat, British paratroopers and commandos (no SAS), french commandos (bad beret badge) ; )
Great news, thank you David.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - jimcrowley - 07-19-2015

Yes that does appear to be the area encompassing Villers Bocage, the Odon River, Hill 112, down to the Orne and Laize Rivers, back across the forests of Cinglais and Grimbosq and over to Mont Pincon. There or thereabouts.

Makes sense, as this would tie into the St Lo battles a bit further over to the left of the map; the divide between the British and American fronts.

Excellent! Now that is exciting.

RE: Panzer Battles 2 - The Official Teaser Thread - Xaver - 07-19-2015

Weeks out and when return find this hehehe.

I think in Falaise area battles maybe Operation Lüttich and/or Operation Totalize??? are french, USA D units, UK, polish german raw units but good units to... and 654 schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung because in 9 september was send rear to be rebuild and appear late in november... in west first service period was in Normandy timeframe.

[Image: UO0022.jpg]