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Grenada Tournament - Printable Version

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Grenada Tournament - Jeff Conner - 04-14-2014

Good Afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies (if there are any listening)

As the title of this post suggests, I am going to host a tournament using the new Grenada demo. Before most of your get excited though, this is for new and beginning players only. I have decided the definition of a new and beginning player is five or fewer games completed and an ELO of less than 2050. So if you meet this definition, here is your opportunity to play some games against players who have about the same experience level as you do. In addition, I will be available to answer any questions (hopefully) and post them to the tournament group if appropriate. As with the Falklands Tournament, there will be a prize for the winner and if I can swing it, a prize for a player randomly chosen from among all of the entrants.

So for you experienced players, if you know someone you think might be interested in this tournament, please point them this way. If you are interested in participating, either post below or send me an email at jefferyconner at suddenlink dot net


RE: Grenada Tournament - Ashcloud - 04-14-2014

Wish I could play.

RE: Grenada Tournament - Jeff Conner - 04-14-2014

Well, if I don't get enough "new and beginning players" maybe I will change the criteria a bit. I would like at least eight players, but will run it with four if necessary. I think I forgot to mention that this not going to be a mirror type tournament so you will only have to play each scenario once. And if you have taken a look at Grenada, you may have noticed that the scenarios are pretty small.

RE: Grenada Tournament - Stejones82 - 04-14-2014

Have you considered advertising this tourney on the other forums of the Blitz? That might be a good way to get players who do not routinely play Squad Battles to play. Maybe non-Blitz forums too .......

RE: Grenada Tournament - Jeff Conner - 04-14-2014

I'm on that, just didn't get to it last night. I don't hang out at any clubs other than the Blitz anymore so if you want to post something feel free. Just be sure to emphasis that this is intended for new players. I'm not looking for any ringers.

RE: Grenada Tournament - Anromar - 04-15-2014

I'm interested in this tournament Helmet Smile

RE: Grenada Tournament - Jeff Conner - 04-15-2014

Cool beans, got you on the list.

RE: Grenada Tournament - turretlord - 04-15-2014

I am interested.

RE: Grenada Tournament - Jeff Conner - 04-15-2014

Got you too. We need at least one more so if you know some buddies who don't play SB, but think they might like it, send them this way.

RE: Grenada Tournament - Dog Soldier - 04-15-2014

The Grenada Tournament is set up in the competitions area here at the blitz. If you have signed up on this thread, you are already in the tournament.

The Competitions area is a new feature here at the blitz. If something does not work or you have a cool idea to enhance the Competitions area, send me an email or PM or just post it on the Squad Battle forum here.

Enjoy the tournament!

Dog Soldier