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New Umpired Campaign Thread - Printable Version

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RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Outlaw Josey Wales - 12-11-2013

Well, it appears your puter would be the only thing that overheated in the Ardennes. :)

With overheating, maybe check into seeing if all your fans are working and maybe check into the possibility of adding one or two more.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 12-11-2013

The plan is to add another fan. I have been having overheating problems for several months now and can't seem to get it completely resolved.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Richie61 - 12-11-2013


I could be a graphic card issue or maybe you need to install a new coat of
thermal paste to the parts.

This machine is a great AutoCAD system, but the card overheats when gaming. SB is fine, but CMx2 isn't :(

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Richie61 - 12-11-2013

(12-10-2013, 04:51 PM)burroughs Wrote: Bloody Ardennes, looking to that with sheer terror. Take Your time and then it's the time to get even with Oberst Ed.

Bag Hide ................................ Tank6

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 12-15-2013

The last scenario has been sent out. Good luck men. Since these scenarios end about 1500 hours, there may be time for a dusk round, before night falls.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Stejones82 - 01-08-2014

Mark and I have finished round two.


RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 01-08-2014

Cool beans! How are the other two games coming along?

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - burroughs - 01-08-2014

Half the way here; the band of brothers are hurrying on foot to reinforce the most forward position with a platoon strength village garrison whereas Oberst Ed is deploying multiple armoured vehicles to outflank them.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Rabbit - 01-08-2014

John and I are a little over halfway ourselves. We seem to be having equal amounts of fun blowing up each other's stuff.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 02-02-2014

The Round Two scenarios are in the database if you want to report your game when you are done.

As I mentioned previously, there will be an option for a dusk round. The round will be short (9-12 turn) and with limited visibility (about eight hexes). It will be optional, meaning if a player does not take the initiative and launch some kind of attack, I am not going to create scenarios like I did in Round Two. This also applies for the night round. The dusk option will have some limitations in what troops are available as it is basically a hasty attack before the sun goes down. There will not be any penalties the following day, however. The night round can make use of any units, but they are likely to be fatigued at the beginning of the Morning Round. So, with those thoughts in mind, try and determine if you want to continue combat on Christmas Day in order to gain an advantage the following day.

I would like to have the Round Two games done by Valentines so that I can get to work on the next round on my President's Day vacation.