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New Umpired Campaign Thread - Printable Version

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New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 09-22-2013


You should have received a briefing and instructions by email. If you haven't it may be because I don't have your email address or I don't have the correct one. The instructions are about as clear as mud, so if you have questions, please ask. It would probably be better to do that by email as my internet connection is rather sporadic this weekend (still having computer problems).

I will try and get out a map graphic (for planning purposes) later today, but I have a long list of chores and graphics are not really my thing.


RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Stejones82 - 09-24-2013

Checking in


RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 09-25-2013

The Americans are just about done figuring out their organization. I haven't heard anything yet from the Germans; hopefully you are working together quietly. I would like to get started making scenarios shortly. I will hopefully have the next step out for you this evening and would like to have it and the organization taken care of by Sunday.


RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - TheBigRedOne - 09-25-2013

I'd like to extend a huge kudos to Jeff for starting this cool project here at the Blitz. Can't wait to see how this progresses. Perhaps an AAR should be started by a few of the participants? (hint, hint...)

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Stejones82 - 09-26-2013

Kudos Jeff, this is shaping up nicely.

I realize that this is brand-spanking-new-cutting-edge innovation into the SqB gameplay. Thanks for putting the effort into this.


RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 09-27-2013

The Americans have a plan and an OOB. We are waiting for the Germans.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 09-29-2013

I'll be working on scenarios this afternoon. My son has a bunch of friends coming over for the night though, so I may or may not have access to a computer. Should have at least the first one by tomorrow.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 10-06-2013

Ok, I finally got my desktop back from the shop (fourth time in two months). The good news is that it seems to be running great. The bad news is that I had to reformat my hard drive (used that excuse to buy a new 2 TB hard drive) and I am busy reinstalling software. I have just mailed out the second Round 1 scenario to Marcin and Ed. This one has more room to maneuver and should be a challenge to both sides. I'll try and get the last one out by tomorrow evening. I made some screw-ups (or other wise known as battle confusion) in the first scenario that hopefully weren't repeated in the second.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - Jeff Conner - 10-31-2013

One of the Round 1 scenarios has been completed (thanks to Bill and John) and another only has three turns left to go. I am hoping to get things wrapped up in another week and a half so I can use the Veteran's Day holiday to work on the next round of scenarios. Keep up the good work men. The war should be over by Christmas.

RE: New Umpired Campaign Thread - burroughs - 11-07-2013

You'll be given a chance to fulfil this sound plan - it's only a turn left for me and Oberst Ed and then it's done at last as finishing that by the end of the last week did not work out unfortunately. I am estimating tomorrow as the reckoning day, but since I check the variable end option as a rule of thumb it's not confirmed beyond all doubts. We'll do our best, Ed has already did, wrecking my plan, men and equipment, but fortunately this time for a change - not beyond all repair.