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Team Game? - Printable Version

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RE: Team Game? - Compass Rose - 05-13-2012

(05-13-2012, 03:30 AM)Jeff Conner Wrote: That and Ozgur planted a bunch of mines on the best attack approaches, what was he thinking.

From my POV, I just wish there were more! LOL

RE: Team Game? - grofaz - 05-13-2012

Minens...Shminens...nothing is going to save you from our bayonets, they are particularly rusty this time of year...Dead

RE: Team Game? - Jeff Conner - 05-20-2012

We're about a fifth of the way through the game. The Russian first line of trenches has been breached in multiple locations, but the Germans have taken a pounding getting there. Right now the score is about -115 which is a Russian major victory, but there is a long ways to go yet.


RE: Team Game? - TheBigRedOne - 06-07-2012

How is this team game going?

RE: Team Game? - Rabbit - 06-07-2012

We are on turn 8 or 9. It has gone surprisingly smoothly ... which bodes very well for future team games. We'll have to summarize our thoughts at the end regarding what worked well regarding team play and what was challenging.

For instance, Chad, Dennis, Ed and I kicked off another team game on the side. The first challenge we encountered was in picking a scenario that didn't have a lot of reinforcements. None of us are particularly adept at reading the OOB files, so we weren't sure how to evenly divvy up control of units that weren't already on the map.

Another challenge we faced was in finding a scenario Dennis hadn't played before. Wisedom prevailed and we quickly gave up trying. : )

RE: Team Game? - Jeff Conner - 06-07-2012

I have to agree with Bill, once the game got going it has been running pretty smoothly. The German side had a few hiccups early about passing turns from player to player on our side, but those have been resolved and we have a pretty good routine going now.

RE: Team Game? - Outlaw Josey Wales - 06-07-2012

The thing about splitting forces is people should understand that if you play with a CinC, he is responsible for the force split and nowhere is it set in stone that they have to be split evenly. Reinforcements are assigned by the CinC as they arrive depending on the situation. They could be split to more than one sector or most sent to the same area where it is deemed they are needed to plug gaps or to help exploit a break in the enemy line. Cdrs didn't have much choice in how much they commanded and should be the same in team games. That kind of realism just adds a different dimension to the games. So trying to find a scenario to have an even split of forces is irrelevent.

RE: Team Game? - Rabbit - 06-07-2012

I wouldn't say choosing a scenario based on an easy split of forces is not relevant, as I think it improves playability because you wouldn't risk having one player end up with a paltry sized force to control and it helps players from stepping all over each other's toes by accident. However I understand why you might prefer a more random assignment of forces, so it might just come down to personal preference and there certainly is no reason you couldn't play a scenario in the manner you described. Also there is no reason players on one side can't hand off control of units on the fly to one another.

RE: Team Game? - TheBigRedOne - 06-07-2012

I'm glad you guys tried this experiment, since, as far as I know, there haven't been any team games in SB since I've been around.

Good stuff, maybe next time an AAR can be put together following the battle...

RE: Team Game? - Outlaw Josey Wales - 06-07-2012

I think SBs is harder for team games because there really aren't many large scenarios by comparison to other games. If it turns out pretty good for all, maybe that would help the powers that be or other interested parties that can do a good job make some larger scenarios just for that purpose. I still think Market-Garden would be a good place to start with a div sized scenario for each of the airborne divs.

As for force split, I agree about the personal preference. I usually only look at things from my perspective and all team games I have ever been in, CinC knows I will take or give up whatever is thought necessary. I just ask to be let known in advance so I don't move them by mistake if moving before them. If moving before me, take it and let me know after, no worries.

Team games really are a lot of fun and if never been in one, should really consider giving it a try, maybe even twice, once as subordinate and once as CinC, before deciding whether you like it or not.