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A game of Korea? - Nikb - 06-10-2011

I noticed I'm doing just under one game a month. So I thought it might just be worthwhile taking on another game or two - especially if I'm going to place Dennis under a bit of pressure.

Would anybody be keen for a game of Korea? My turn around can vary.

<thinking...now taking on another game will still put me under a completed game a month...I have played 171 games...Dennis has played around 700 odd at the last report...um if that was a static target I would reach it in....hmmm might have to put that in the long term goal basket>

RE: A game of Korea? - tallin - 06-10-2011

Hi Nik, feel free to send me something.

RE: A game of Korea? - Compass Rose - 06-10-2011

Email sent, Nik!

RE: A game of Korea? - Nikb - 06-10-2011

Ripper thanks guys. I'll throw something back to you over the weekend.

Should be fun and looking forward to catching up again.