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HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Printable Version

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RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Jolly Roger - 05-13-2009

I own only HPS Jutland.

Cheers, Klaus

RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Andrew Young - 05-13-2009


This will do for now.

Back to bed now!!!
Got the flu.


RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Mikekiller16 - 05-14-2009

I'll be there for the game too Big Grin

RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Maseda - 05-14-2009

Wonderful at 8:45 suppose to send the IP

RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Templar - 05-14-2009

Andrew/Klaus/et al;

Gentlemen, I know that there are lots of scenarios to load, I myself have loaded many a scenario in my day on the SP and PzC Ladders, and most recently the 100+ scenarios for Renaissance. It took me a few hours, so I REALLY appreciate what I am asking of you.

However I do like to sweeten the pot when folks step up to help, so I will gladly issue ladder point bonus points to players who help with the loading of the scenario information into the data base. The going rate is 1 point per scenario, which may not sound like a lot, but it adds up fast.

Andrew, as the Commander of the Ladder you should receive an email every time a scenario is loaded to the S&A database. Please keep track of who enters the scenarios and I will let you know how you go about awarding the bonus points for the efforts.


RE: HPS Jutland, Wednesday battle - Andrew Young - 05-15-2009


I will keep track of that .
So everyone is rewarded for his work.