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Where's Toni? - PoorOldSpike - 07-14-2008

Where's Toni?
I mailed him a while back to ask which is the most popular, WitP or UV but he hasn't replied yet. Other people are also wondering where he's gone too

RE: Where's Toni? - Antoni Chmielowski - 07-14-2008

Apologies Mick,

I thought I had Pm`d you with the answer (Upon checking I hadnt !).


Set in the South Pacific and concentrating on battles such as Guadalcanal and the Sout Pacific - its popular, but not as popular as :


Deals with the WHOLE Pacific War and includes options to invade Malaya etc - this game is the most popular and can be downloaded from matrix games at : http://www.matrixgames.com.

Hope this helps u Mick, anymore questions you know where to get me !