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Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Grumbler - 06-18-2006 11:24 AM

You guys actually got a kill, so I thought I would provide you some place to brag about it.
Yes, that was a fell blow, landing that 107 Mortar shell in the back of a cart full of ammo. Well, at least the troops will get a nice snack out of it. I'm not sure if they eat beshbarmak in that part of the world, or at least not unless they are real hungry.Shark2

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - shortreengage - 06-19-2006 04:51 PM

I told you not to stack the Kim-Chi that highEek BTW, just how many water buffalos DOES it take to haul an SA2?


RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Grumbler - 06-19-2006 05:27 PM

2 plus 1 for the warhead. I'm using those little mogolian ponies, so it takes 4.
I figured you would get a laugh out of those 2 meter carts hauling 8 meter guided missiles.
BTW, let me congratulate you on how well you are hiding your units. Except for those burning jeeps and a few steel bushes (shrubs?) I can't see a thing.
Lost track of the Helios, I guess GB either landed them or pulled them way back. I expect them to show up again and am waiting with baited breath. It's the Kim-Chi that didn't make it to the stack.

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Grumbler - 06-20-2006 03:01 AM

If you did a tour in Korea you know how high they can stack those little carts. It's a national thing, egyptians build pyramids, Romans build roads, Koreans stack stuff. My gooks loaded them in the cart upright (pointy end on top) and then fastened branches to the nose cone as camouflage. I figured that aluminum trees would fit right in with your Homogeneous Steel shrubs.
I even offerred them some duct tape, but the corporal in charge said he wasn't married yet.

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Greybeard - 06-20-2006 05:14 AM

Hello Grumbler,

Well, back in 1974 the Koreans (they really dislike being called 'Gooks' - but understand that it comes from the american bastardizing the word 'hahnguk' - which is 'Korea' in Korean.. :whis: )

anyway - back when the Tigers smoked Cirgarettes - duct tape was an unknown staple in Korea - the preferred method of temporary repair was accomplished with bailing with and rice glue..

Since rice glue is edible (mostly) - enough slathered on top a missle would possibly fill the air with the aroma of boiled white rice when detonated.. which will only serve to make your NK troops hungry and rebellious. Big Grin


RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Greybeard - 06-20-2006 05:18 AM

oops - I can spell - It's 'bailing wire'

As far as kills - glad to oblige.. certain that there will be more for you to enjoy..



RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Grumbler - 06-20-2006 05:58 AM

Rice paste and Broiled Korean sounds yummy. Now if I can just get a lock on a CH-53, we will have stir fried Marines as an appetizer.:stir:
Do we need a red wine or a white?
Although , now that I think about it, beer goes with everything.cheers

No duct tape? How do they get their wives to shut up?Whip
I would be worried about getting the rice paste on the wrong place:censored:

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - jadpanther - 06-21-2006 09:04 AM

I expected the Marines to have stronger language then what I have heard so far............kinda quiet from that side of the line. Not much movement and not much in the way of verbal assaults either...........what's up with that?

Jounior member of this group throwing his 2 cents into the ring.......lol

Must be a bunch of sneaky marines just slithering forward on their bellies trying not to be seen by the great "People's Army!!"

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - Grumbler - 06-21-2006 11:53 AM

Just to get techy on you GB, Duct tape was invented during WW2, they just didn't call it duct tape back then. They made it silver and called it duct tape after Central air was invented and something was needed to quickly and cheaply seal air ducts. Before that it was green (OD) and Dark Blue and sometimes used to repair bullet holes in Aeroplanes. Along with just about everything else.


I heard the story a little different. I wish I had the patent on that stuff. Imagine how many billions of rolls have been sold.

I need a volunteer. Jad, have we gotten far enough along in the practice game for you to be comfortable with something more serious? I want to try Iraq vs KSA, in '89. A what if battle with Saddam's army not waiting for the USA to move the heavies into place. Iraqi advance vs KSA and US Marines delay. I figure 16 K points for the Iraqi's and 6 K each for the KSA and Marines. no air for Iraq and 6 for the USMC/KSA. Day battle, Random 120x120 map, no limits on arty, just no ammo resupply. A short game, 24 turns or less.
GB, if you want to can or current Korean thing and substitute this, I offer a draw right now. I know It's only turn 1, but I'm confident. The terrain seriously favors me in that game.

RE: Tag Team Trash Talk (T4) - shortreengage - 06-21-2006 07:56 PM

Wow! I'm offline a day or so to pack up my crap and my trashcan fills up!
Where to start?

"If you did a tour in Korea you know how high they can stack those little carts. "

I'm more afraid of the motorcycles transporting propane tanks.Eek

"they really dislike being called 'Gooks' "

I always love doing this..........Did I tell you guys that my wife is the Senior KATUSA for the 1st ID?...heh heh, I love getting that stare back.Big Grin

"I expected the Marines to have stronger language then what I have heard so far............kinda quiet from that side of the line. Not much movement"

You want stronger language JP? :censored:,:censored:,:censored:,and corruption.Big Grin As for snakin around on our bellies, tell me you don't have a Sniper Brigade (not actually snipers) skulking their way to the objective. We're just setting our whole force up as stay-behinds;)

And now, on to bigger and better things.

"I want to try Iraq vs KSA, in '89" :chin:

Actually it was '90. Would anyone be interested it test driving my Saudi OOB? The alpha version is a work in progress, but mostly done. Good to go for 90. I'm working on a Peninsula Shield campaign/tourney but I first must redo Saudi and GS OOBs. Just started on the GS. I also have orbats for the RG and IrA 3rd Corps. I could create a Scenario for somebody with the new OOB if anyone is interested.

"Although , now that I think about it, beer goes with everything"

Truth, Hot bean paste, lettuce and a cool bottle of OB even works in a pinch, but mostly Bier goes best with Bier. cheers