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Squad Battles Competitions - Finished

Greetings Guest,

This is the page listing the club's competitions which have finished
Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Final Table From the Group Stage 

A    Pts B Pts C Pts D pts E pts F pts
Fastphil        10 (3)       TheBigRedOne 9(3) SandySandie      7(2) Kolc       6(2) Tallin      7(1) Dog Soldier 12(4)
Embis    4 SteJones82   7(2) Outlaw Josey Wales    6(2) Rabbit 6(2) Der Landser 6(2) Solyom2 3(1)
Landser34    1 KG_RangerBooBoo 1 Aces8 4 Dux Aetius 3(1) Paulinski 4(1) Kritterpaw 3(1)

Knockout Stage


Opponent A Opponent B
Dog Soldier Kolc
Fastphil Stejones82
Der Landser Rabbit
SandySandie Tallin
Outlaw Josey Wales Landser34
Richie61 KG_RangerBooBoo
Paulinski Solyom2
Aces8 Kritterpaw
Embis Dux Aetius

Rabbit was the only player in the Winner's Bracket that completed the third round, so he is declared the winner.  However, since this tournament fell apart and was not completed there are no prizes for the winner or a random prize for the finishers. 

Grenada Tournament

Grenada Tournament

The Grenada Tournament has been completed.

The final standings are as follows:

Many Mariuses
Juan Manuel
Dux Aetius - DNF
Mfarl2001 - DNF

As mentioned previously, there is a prize of a free John Tiller game to the winner and Diegovich was randomly chosen to receive a new copy of SB Winter War.  Thanks to everyone for participating.


Falklands Tournament

Falklands Tournament

The Squad Battles Falklands Tournament has ended.  Thanks to all who participated.

The final standings are:

1   Richie61
2   Rabbit
3   Jomni
4   Laza
5   Embis
6   Paulinski
7   Landser34
7   Tallin
9   Stejones82
10  BigRedOne
11  Kolc
12  KG-RangerBooBoo