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Panzer Battles Competitions - Finished

Greetings Guest,

This is the page listing the club's competitions which have finished
Punch and Counter Punch

Punch and Counter Punch

Welcome to the first PzB tournament!  The subject will the actions of the II SS Panzer Korps area of operation on the Southern Front of the Kursk Salient for the day of July 6, 1943.
The scenarios to be played will each compose a single round. 
Six rounds will make up the tournament.

Round Scenario
1 #0706_02 Shuravlivny Woods - 155th Guards's Last Stand
2 #0706_03 Yakovlevo - Breaching the Second Line
3 #0706_04 Nechaevka - Das Reich's Full Force
4 #0706_05 Pokrovka - Man vs. Tank
5 #0706_06 Ozerovskii - Hurrah!! Counterattack Comrades!!
6 #0706_07 Nepkhaevo - The Meeting Engagement

All scenarios will be played with default optional rules.
Choose the side you wish to play for the torunament.  Soviet or SS.

Best of luck to all!

Round One

Baum.JPG  Axis Players:  It is time to clear the flank of the II SS PzK.  The Shuravlivny Woods must be cleared of the Soviets!
155th GRR.JPGSoviet Players:  The High Command is expecting your regiment to delay the enemy by remaining in control the woods on his flank.
Make the hated Hiterites pay for every step they take!

Here are the randomly chosen matchups for the first round.  These are the sides you will play through out the torunament.  Post on the tournemnt thread or send an email when you are done.  Include a screen shot of the final turn's victory conditions.
Round 1 Pairs
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti RickyB
Solyom2 PijusMagnificus
beerweasel Gregor
Outlaw Josey Wales 10-3 Squad Leader
Landser34 jmlima
ComradeP Kuriltai
Kursk Default OR.jpg                              

Round One Standings
Axis Soviet
Outlaw Josey Wales RickyB
Landser34 Gregor
ComradeP PijusMagnificus
Solyom2 jmlima
beerweasel Kuriltai
Fabiominatti 10-3 Squad Leader

OJW has the only major victory for the Axis.  RickyB has the only victory as the Soviet player.  They are at the top of the standings for their side after this first round.  This was a small scenario.  The differences between places is not great.

Round Two

Moving out.jpg
The scenario is #0706_03 Yakovlevo - Breaching the Second Line.  Strela has released to me the new version of this scenario for this round of the torunament.  A sneak peek for those in the tournament!  Best of luck to all.

Axis players -  Break the Soviet second main line of defense today.  Capture as many of the objectives as you can.  We must break through as we have in our offensives the past two years.  It is the second day of the battle in this sector.  Control yoour losses.  There may be more days of fighting ahead for the Korps.

Soviet players - Hold the defensive line we spent so many months building this spring and summer.  Make the invaders pay for evey step they take.  Your losses do not matter.  Only stopping the enemy from capturing all the objectives matters.  Strike him hard!
Round Two Match Ups
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti PijusMagnificus
Solyom2 10-3 Squad Leader
beerweasel jmlima
Outlaw Josey Wales Kuriltai
Landser34 RickyB
ComradeP Gregor
Round Two Results                                                                                               Tournament Standings After Round Two
Axis Soviet   Axis Soviet
beerweasel Kuriltai   beerweasel Kuriltai
Fabiominatti 10-3 Squad Leader   Landser34 10-3 Squad Leader
Landser34 RickyB   Fabiominatti RickyB
ComradeP Gregor   ComradeP Gregor
Solyom2 PijusMagnificus   Solyom2 PijusMagnificus
Outlaw Josey Wales jmlima   Outlaw Josey Wales jmlima

Beerweasel and Kuriltai move to the top of the standings in both round two and the overall tournament after major victories by both of these two members.  One Axis and one Soviet.  Very well done!  It is still a tight race though.  It will be easy for people to move up or down in the third round.  No one is safe.

Round Three

Round Three Match Ups
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti Kuriltai
Solyom2 RickyB
beerweasel PijusMagnificus
Outlaw Josey Wales Gregor
Landser34 10-3 Squad Leader
ComradeP jmlima

The scenario is #0706_04 Nechaevka - Das Reich's Full Force.  This is a new scenario from Strela which will be included in the first patch due out soon.

The scenario covers the forward lunge of the Das Reich division as it tries to protect the right flank of the LAH division as each advance. A very difficult fight erupted historically for control of Nechaevka occured as each side sought to gain control of the now fluid situation.

Both sides much pay close attention to the victory locations in this one.  Battalion releases are in effect for the Soviets in the main bunker line.  Historically when the line was pierced, these troops tried to make their way to Luchki South.  That is the purpose of the battalion releases.  This give the Soviet player some flexability to meet a changing situation instead of being pinned and rolled up as would happen i  the original release of this scenario.

Good hunting to both sides!

The tournament is now at the half way point!
This round had two Axisand Soviet major victories.  One Axis and one Soviet minor victory.  This spread of victories is dead even!  A very balanced result for the scenario.
beerweasel continues to lead the board with another major victory.  Can anyone stop his rampaging panzers from spreading brew all over Russia?  Why is the vodka all gone?

Jeff Connor has taken over for a member who dropped out. Jeff inherits that player's score.  Brave Jeff. Thank you for stepping up.
Round Three Results                                                                                                   Tournament Standings After Round Three
Axis Soviet   Axis Soviet
beerweasel Kuriltai   beerweasel                   2,060 points Kuriltai                          2,189 points
ComradeP Gregor   ComradeP                   1,238 points Gregor                          1,885 points
Landser34 RickyB   Landser34                    1,159 points 10-3 Squad Leader      1,872 points
Solyom2 10-3 Squad Leader   Solyom2                          925 points RickyB                          1,858 points
Outlaw Josey Wales Jeff Connor   Outlaw Josey Wales        835 points PijusMagnificus            1,162 points
Fabiominatti PijusMagnificus   Fabiomatti                      813 points Jeff Connor                      990 points

In the overall standings for the Axis players, beerweasel has broken clear of the pack here at the halfway point.  ComradeP and Lander34 are in a tight race. Solyom2, Outlaw Josey Wales and Fabiomatti can all trade places in the next round.  All are qute close still.
For the Soviet players, Kuriltai has broken away from the pack.  He has been visted by Khrushchev with an honor ceremony in a bunker for crushing the hated Nazi SS so far in the Kursk battle.  Kuriltai better not stumble.  Gregor,10-3 Squad Leader, and RickyB are all well within striking distance of the leader.  All are neck and neck at this halfway point. PijusMagnificus and Jeff Connor are still in this torunament.  Should one of the members above them in the ranks stumble while they score victories in the second half, positions will change.

Very well done to all in the torunament.  It is still anyone's race to win it all.  We are only halfway.  A lot can happen in the second half!  Good hunting to all!

Round Four       #0706_05 Pokrovka - Man vs. Tank

Pokrovka, North of Belgorod: July 6th, 1943. (Scenario Size: Regiment. Head to Head or German Human vs Soviet AI) SS-Obersturmbannführer Albert Frey's 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment had achieved its initial objective, the capture of Yakovlevo by mid-afternoon. Frey pushed his command forward, aiming to take advantage of the retreating Soviets and clear Pokrovka and secure the roads running north. Pokrovka was to be the left flank of the advancing Leibstandarte Division. Frey's men ran straight into the local Soviet reserves; 14th Anti-Tank Brigade as well as 49th & 1st Guards Tank Brigades that had advanced with the aim of halting the German advance. The SS men were to face significant armor with little in the way of anti-tank resources.

The sceanrio description from the game says it all.  Tough PzGr infantry are going to take on two Soviet tank brigades and the infantry that retreated from the broken second line.  All members of the tournament had a chance last round to fight on this ground in round two with forces of their own choosing depending on how both sides handled the aftermath of the SS break through of the second MDL at Kursk.  Now, the LAH division will pass to the north historically and not take part in this struggle to secure or punch in the Geramn left flank.  A very tough battle this scenario is from my experiences. Get ready for a real Dog Fight in the village!  (I just could not resist.)
Round Four Match Ups
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti Jeff Connor
Solyom2 Gregor
beerweasel 10-3 Squad Leader
Outlaw Josey Wales RickyB
Landser34 Kuriltai
ComradeP PijusMagnifcus
Good Hunting to all!

Round Four Results
Beerweasel is still on a roll.  ComradeP made a strong showing this round resulting in his gaining ground on beerweasel putting him in striking range.  Landser34 hangs in at #3 due to his previous rounds good showing.  This was a tough round for him.  Solyom2 and Outlaw Josey Wales are close to catching him as we move toward the finish.
Kuriltai is still leading the Soviet team.  RickyB, Gregor, and 10-3 Squad Leader are right on the leader's tail.  They arfe all within striking distance to take the lead in the Soviet team.  Jeff Connor smashed the PzGr. His overall tournament standing moved up a notch.  A very good showing.
             Round Four Results                                                 Tournament Standings After Round Four
Axis Soviet   Axis Soviet
ComradeP Kuriltai   beerweasel Kuriltai
beerweasel Jeff Connor   ComradeP Gregor
Solyom2 RickyB   Landser34 RickyB
Outlaw Josey Wales Gregor   Solyom2 10-3 Squad Leader
Landser34 10-3 Squad Leader   Outlaw Josey Wales Jeff Connor
Fabiominatti PijusMagnifcus   Fabiominatti PijusMagnifcus

Round Five       #0706_06 Ozerovskii - Hurrah!! Counterattack Comrades!!

    Ozerovskii, South West of Prokhorovka: July 6th, 1943. (Scenario Size: Korps. Head to Head or Team Play, German Human vs Soviet AI) By early afternoon both Leibstandarte and Das Reich had breached the Soviet second line of defence. While Albert Frey's 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment was tasked with holding the left flank, the rest of Leibstandarte pushed north towards Luchki North and the ultimate goal of Teterevino North. Das Reich was to mop up Major Petr Vladimirovich Krutov's 156th Guards Rifle Regiment in Luchki South and then push along the left bank of the Donets to the Ozerovskii/Kalinin precinct. Das Reich's ultimate goal was to join Leibstandarte at Teterevino North as well as take Belenikhino and anchor the II SS Panzerkorp' right flank along the railway. Vatutin's operational reserves from 3rd Mechanised as well as 31st & 5th Guards Tank Corps were beginning to arrive near the SS breakthrough and despite a planned coordinated counterattack, expediency required piecemeal commitment. By the end of the day 5th Guards Tank Corps had lost over 100 tanks.
For the German player this scenario presents a game of cat and mouse foillowed up by extended flanks and a powerful Soviet armored force to contend with.  The many experiences in the previous four rounds of the tournament lead up to this climatic struggle between two juggernauts.
The Soviet player has to decide where to commit his armor consisting of two tanks corps.  He has a good chance to win this scenario if he can first blunt the German assault then hit the extended II SS PzK where it is most vulnerable.  A very large tank battle is sure to devlop some time in this scenario.  It just matters when...

With 1,900 vitory points up for grabs in the objective locations alone, this is the round where anyone can make a big gain in the tournament ranking.

Best ot all!  Have a great game!

Fifth Round Match Ups
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti 10-3 Squad Leader
Solyom2 Jeff Connor
beerweasel Kuriltai
Outlaw Josey Wales PijusMagnifcus
Landser34 Gregor
ComradeP RickyB

It is only fitting the two leaders of each team in the torunament rankings fight it out this round.  All match ups  for the rounds were set before the torunament began.

Round Five Results
The smoke still lingers on the Ozerovskii battlefield from many burning vehicles.  Or it is a glaze in my eyes from PzB2?  Who knows?
On the Axis side ComradeP posted the high score for the round followed by beerweasel with his usual strong game.  Both won major victories as the Axis.  Solymon2 won the sole Axis minor victory.
For the Soviets major victories were won by Gregor and 10-3 Squad Leader showing this scenario can be won from either side.
Round Five Results
Axis Soviet
ComradeP Gregor
beerweasel 10-3 Squad Leader
Solyom2 Jeff Connor
Outlaw Josey Wales Kuriltai
Fabiominatti RickyB
Landser34 PijusMagnificus

The tournament standings after round five.  The scores reflect the cummulative totals after five rounds.
For the Axis side, first place is up for grabs in the final round between beerweasel and ComradeP.  Either could win the torunement for the Axis side in the sixth and final round.
On the Soviet side, the top three members Gregor, 10-3 Squad Leader and Kuriltai all have a shot at ending up in first place.  Jeff Connor and RickyB are in a virtual dead heat.
Tournament Standings
Axis Score   Soviet Score
beerweasel 3140   Gregor 4310
ComradeP 2963   10-3 Squad Leader 4190
Solyom2 1615   Kuriltai 4082
Outlaw Josey Wales 1325   Jeff Connor 3175
Landser34 1228   RickyB 3174
Fabiominatti 1174   PijusMagnificus 1268


Round Six              #0706_07 Nepkhaevo - The Meeting Engagement

  The sixth and final round is great sceanrio with attacking and defending by both sides.  The SS and Soviet forces were searching for each other.  A kampfgruppe from Totenkopf with a panzer battalion collide on Hill 214.8 west of Nepkhaevo with the Soviet 26th Guards Tank Brigade.  Both sides need to manuver and use all their skills as a Panzer Battles commander to achieve victory in this smash up.

The armor of both sides will decide this short and violent fight.  Each side must use their armor capabilities to the best advantage while denying the enemy the chance to fight the battle their way.  Choose your ground wisely.

Best to all the torunament players!  Have fun with this great armor meeting enegaement scenario.

Round Six Matchups
Axis Soviet
Fabiominatti Gregor
beerweasel RickyB
Solyom2 Kuriltai
Outlaw Josey Wales Jeff Connor
Landser34 PijusMagnificus
ComredeP 10-3 Squad Leader

Round six left many smoking wrecks on the open steppe at Kursk.  In this tank battle the German and Soviet players both were beaten and gloriously victorius.
Beerweasel scored a major Axis win.  Gregor and Jeff Connor both scored major victories as the Soviets.  Solyom2 and Kuriltai played it out to a bloody draw.  Two games were never reported.
For round six the results are in the table below.
Round Six Results
Axis Soviet
beerweasel Gregor
Solymon2 Jeff Conner
Fabiomatti Kuriltai
Outlaw Josey Wales RickyB
ComradeP 10-3 Squad Leader
Landser PrijusMagnificus

For the torunament, the final results are below.  Congratulations to beerweasel for the Axis team and Gregor for the Soviet team!
All members were allowed to play everyone else in this torunament.  I hope you all enjoyed meeting new people.
Punch & Counter Punch Final Results
Axis Score   Soviet Score
beerweasel 3,605   Gregor 4,770
ComradeP 2,963   Kuriltai 4,259
Solymon2 1,933   10-3 Squad Leader 4,190
Outlaw Josey Wales 1,378   Jeff Connor 3,523
Faboiminatti 1,249   RickyB 3,239
Landser34 1,228   PijusMagnificus 1,268