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Campaign Series Competitions - In Progress

Greetings Guest,

This is the page listing the club's competitions which are in-progress
The First CS Middle East Tournament

The First CS Middle East Tournament

Round 2 – In Progress:
Warhorse had to pull out due to time constraints, everyone else assumed continuing. Any comments let me know.  New players still welcome!

Time to get the first CS Middle East tournament rolling! And why not, as the game comes loaded with six Tournament scenarios to play:

Israel vs Libya:

LINK: Set A01 - High Noon

LINK: Set A02 - King of the Hill

LINK: Set A03 - Cat and Mouse

LINK: Set A04 - Motoring to Karam

Israel vs Syria:

Set B01 - Into the Breach

Set B02 - A Furious Charge

And if we so choose, we can always continue with the LINK:  Duel for the Golan'85  NATO vs Warsaw Pact What-Ifs by Al Sandrik.

Tournament Set A and Set B scenarios are all set in 1982, so a modern battle field it is, with guided missiles, helo gunships, thermal sighting, the lot. So if any of you have not had a chance to play with them yet, why not give few of the Teaching Set scenarios a quick spin. Especially the 1967, 1973 and 1982 versions give a good idea of how the firepower of various weapon systems increase. 

Al Sandrik scenarios, as you may have figured out, are set in 1985, as modern as the game allows for. 

Tournament Rules
  • Have fun. Stay the course. If real life happens, send me a message I will find a replacement for you. 
  • Optional Rules per Scenario Description
  • Try to maintain a decent turnaround for your turns.
  • Two teams, rotating the sides per round, so everyone gets to play both the IDF and the Libyan / Syrian side of things. 
  • Points and tournament ranking:
  • Major Win: 5 x SM of the given scenario
  • Minor Win: 4 x SM of the given scenario
  • Draw: 3 x SM of the given scenario
  • Minor Loss: 2 x SM of the given scenario
  • Major Loss: 1 x SM of the given scenario

But, rather than getting into a competitive mode, let us rather enjoy this as a good chance to have fun games under our belts, especially with modern gear. Participant medals for everyone completing five rounds, medals then for top dogs too. 

Initial Roster as it stands:
  • Aces8
  • Battle Kat
  • Boisforas
  • Casebier
  • Cyrano
  • Ivan the Big
  • Matto
  • Outlaw Josey Wales
  • Panzerde
  • Rado
  • Scud
  • Tiger88
  • Warhorse