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Campaign Series Competitions - Finished

Greetings Guest,

This is the page listing the club's competitions which have finished
King of the Castle Tournament

King of the Castle Tournament


  1. There can only be one King of the Castle.
  2. All challengers will be added to the challenger list (first come, first served).
  3. The challenger will play a mirror match against the King (same game playing both Allies and Axis).
  4. The Scenario of the Month will be the scenario to be played—if it is 18 turns or less. (you can vote for and suggest scenarios to be Scenario of the Month to try and gain an advantage, remember to only choose scenarios of 18 turns or less—of course the King can vote and choose his scenario for Scenario of the Month too). If the Scenario of the Month is more than 18 turns then the previous Month's scenario will be used (going back to a Month that has a scenario of 18 turns or less)
  5. There will be no ties. If a mirror match ends up tie/tie, minor/minor or major/major, then the Facilitator will need to be provided with the final points scored from both sides (Please report the points scored after every game in the Tournament Thread along with the result of each game).The total number of points will break the tie, so an extra transport destroyed or saved may make the difference.
  6. The King may choose which Optional Rules to play with except where specified by the scenario itself.
  7. Every point counts, win at all costs in any way you can. You may exit unloaded transports from the map (and do anything else to prevent losing points or to attempt to gain points).
  8. If the challenger wins both matches he becomes the new King.
  9. The Facilitator is the final judge and all questions or comments can be addressed to him.
  10. The Facilitator will keep a record of matches and winning streaks.
  11. The King may abdicate if he can't continue.
  12. To start the challenge and if the King abdicates then the next 2 challengers on the challenger list will compete for the crown.
  13. The King will win a medal on his profile stating his status as the Current King for as long as he reigns.
  14. Once the King has been beaten or abdicates then the Current King medal will be replaced by the Past King medal, it will include the number of challengers beaten during his reign.
  15. Long May You Rule!