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Welcome to "The Blitz Wargaming Club". The Blitz is a wargaming community with a family atmosphere in which we all share the great passion of playing our favorite computer war games. After looking around, it will be easy to see that we support a large number of computer war games that cover a wide range of historical time frames.

If you're looking for a game head to the Forums and post a challenge, or use the Matchmaking system. For a complete list of supported games click here.

Welcome Aboard and hope you enjoy your stay!
Scenario of the Month: March 2014 Scenario of the Month: February 2014
Scenario of the Month: March 2014

Scenario of the Month: March 2014

The CMx2 Blitz ladder is testing each month two scenarios. The goal is to determine how well balanced they are for H2H play.
The scenarios tested in March are:  Pleasantly shaded woodlands and GL King Ludwig
Scenario of the Month: March 2014 Starts

Scenario of the Month: March 2014 Starts

You can signup for playtesting the scenarios for SotM: March 2014 from here :
http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=66141 ...
Diadochoi Wars Update 102 Released

Diadochoi Wars Update 102 Released

HPS just released Diadochoi Wars Update 102. The update includes: Battle Engine Adjusted – Menu – Help – Combat Melee Effec...
Tank Damage - Optics

Tank Damage - Optics

Are Pz IV that bad? Time to find out..

Are Pz IV that bad? Time to find out..

H2HH 2.11.2 released

H2HH 2.11.2 released

The 2.11.2 version of H2HH has just been released. It can be grabbed from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h5upen3badaydta/pQlhVACgc_ For more info:...
Campaign Series Ladder

Featured cs Scenario

Belorussia, Russia: [Best Played Versus Human Opponent] [H2H] [FIC] [GD] In the days immediately following the launch of Operation Bagration against Army Group Centre, many German Army formations found themselves cut off...
Campaign Series Scenario
Turns 18
SM 2
Games Played 8
Allies 3 - 0 - 5 Axis
Campaign Series Ladder

cs Ladder Standings [2014]

1. Panzerjaeger's Profile Panzerjaeger 607 pts. Colonel
2. Tank Killer's Profile Tank Killer 526 pts. General of the Army
3. Oberst's Profile Oberst 482 pts. Lieutenant General
4. PawelM's Profile PawelM 477 pts. 2nd Lieutenant
5. kernel t's Profile kernel t 386 pts. Lieutenant General